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The Good Wife (season 3)

13,091 views Comments (18)

The Good Wife CBS season 3 2011 poster

22 episodes

A former classmate and old friend of Alicia,  Will Gardner set up her as  junior lawyer at a law firm. He is interested whether she can return to work after 13 year old break. Alicia Florrick was glad to that a senior lawyer, Diane Lockhart, offers her his assistance, but then she realizes that all is not just and the struggle to succeed will have only their own. Twenty-year Harvard graduate Cary Agos is the main Alicia’s  competitor. He will stop at nothing to get last permanent workplace at the company. Fortunately, Alicia finds an ally Kalinda Sharma – a researcher of the firm. Alicia gradually becomes from disgraced politician’s wife to a business woman. She abandons image of a good wife and takes destiny into her own hands for the first time in many years.



The Borgias (season 1)

8,982 views Comments (28)

The Borgias showtime season 1 2011 poster

9 episodes

At the end of the XV century in the hands of the Pope concentrated unlimited power: he could depose kings and change the fate of empires. A good name of the church has now become synonymous only with the corruption and immorality. In 1492, after the death of Pope Innocent VIII, Alexander VI (known as Rodrigo Borgia) took the throne of St. Peter. He wrote the history of the Borgia clan’s name is not good deeds … (more…)


Top Gear (season 18)

9,902 views Comments (29)

Top Gear Season 18 2012 poster

11 episodes

“Top Gear” – popular British TV show dedicated to cars. The first editions of the show appeared in 1977. This transfer was simply a retelling of the journal, over time transfer format has not changed. But in 2002, there was a restart of the cycle, and instead of a dry retelling, there was a modern “Top Gear” with humor, jokes and test drives. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May and the super secret test driver Stig are became the leading TV show. TV show’s audience is about 350 million people. (more…)


Ringer (season 1)

8,236 views Comments (12)

Ringer Season 1 poster

22 episodes

In the focus of the story there is a young woman (Sarah Michelle Gellar) who’s got lots of problems in her life. Besides that, big troubles keep adding as now she has to hide from mafia. She decides to usurp the figure of her rich twin sister. However, soon she realizes that her sister is already wanted for a reward and there is a whole hunt going on.



Raising Hope (season 2)

8,040 views Comments (19)

Raising Hope season 2 poster

22 episodes

23-year-old Jimmy Chance nothing seeks to. He cleans the pool to earn a living,  goes to parties every day and still lives at home with his family: Maw Maw, his mother Virginia, his father Burt and his cousin Mike. But  Jimmy’s life takes an unexpected turn, when Lucy – convicted offender bore him a child, who should bring up Jimmy. Jimmy’s family is not happy to his daughter. His parents gave birth to him when they were both 15, and then they did not know how to raise children and  they don’t want to know about it now. But Jimmy is determined to grow a daughter  who was named Hope. They have no skills, but they has a big heart. Will the Chance family survive the hardships of unpredictable world of education?



Titanic (season 1)

5,287 views Comments (16)

Titanic season 1

4 episodes

Titanic is a TV show that is based on the death of the Titanic. The plot is unchanged… A huge international liner Titanic crashed when faced with an iceberg on its first voyage. This drama will be released in April 2012. By the way, there will be exactly one hundred years since the disaster in April 2012.


Eastbound & Down (season 3)

4,098 views Comments (12)

eastbound and down season 3 2012 poster

8 episodes

Baseball player Kenny, who had to leave the sport because of their terrible nature. He is back to his hometown, works as physical education teacher at the local school. But no matter what, he still hopes to return to the big-time sports. (more…)


Up All Night (season 1)

2,982 views Comments (14)

Up All Night 1 season

24 episodes

Family comedy about the relationship between parents and children. The main character Reagan – a mother has to work and take care of the family. (more…)


Psych (season 6)

5,286 views Comments (10)

psych season 6 poster

16 episodes

Shawn Spencer has an amazing ability to observation and excellent memory. His father, police officer, Henry, teaches his son to remember the smallest details that surround him. It is very useful in the future… (more…)


Justified (season 3)

12,734 views Comments (27)

Justified Season 3 2012 poster

13 episodes

Continuation of the history of the U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens. He contemporary cop, still adheres to old-fashioned views on justice. Raylan has in his arsenal some very convincing arguments – among them, a deadly sense of humor, Glock and, of course, a cowboy hat. Because of his strict moral code Givens has long been a target for criminals and for colleagues. (more…)