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Channel 4


This Is England ’90 (season 1)

1,136 views Comments (3)


4 episodes

90’s! Drugs, raves, freedom! London became a major cultural capital of the world at that time. Combo recently released from prison, and Shaun and Gadget are trying to organize a rave. A Milky and Woody are trying to open a scooter store. How their lives will develop in such beautiful and dramatic times …


Not Safe for Work (season 1)

1,532 views Comments (5)


6 episodes

Katherine worked all her life as an official in public office, which deals with immigrants. During her lifetime, she saw hundreds of thousands of destitute eyes, begging for shelter. These views she will never forget. Once Katherine gets laid off, and the authority provides her the opportunity to work in a satellite office in Northampton. Ironically, now Catherine feels like an immigrant in a foreign land …


The Island (season 1)

1,034 views Comments (6)


6 episodes

Bear Grills is a famous fan of extreme and unusual travel. Today he launched into another extravagant adventure. At this time together with 13 men from Britain he hit the remote, uninhabited island in the Pacific. They have to create by their own all the necessary items for the existence in this unusual habitat. To do this, they won’t have any special devices and instruments, only the most basic toolbox. At first sight, warm and paradise island does not pose any threat, but let the children of civilization try to survive  in almost primitive conditions.



No Offence (season 1)

3,217 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

No Offence is a new British crime drama created by Paul Abbott. The story tells us about Vivienne Deering, who led the team of detectives in Greater Manchester. Her department has a very complex task, they have to clear the streets of Manchester from crime, debauchery, homeless people and other unpleasant individuals. Moreover, there is a new maniac appeared in the city during this hard period, and he is very difficult to catch. Whether cope the protagonist with this task? (more…)


The IT Crowd (season 1, 2, 3, 4)

1,237 views Comments (0)

fAxDWQYTwo charming IT specialists are working in the basement of Reynholm Industries – a fictitious British corporation, located in the heart of London. A dirty, neglected basement contrasts strongly with the brilliance of modern architecture and stunning views of London, accessible to employees the rest of the organization. Moss and Roy are geek losers. Despite the extreme reliance on their services, other employees of their more or less despised. Irritation Roy expressed unwillingness to respond to calls to technical support, and Moss shows a complete inability to solve practical problems: to put out a fire breaking out on the table or remove the spider.



Indian Summers (season 1)

4,000 views Comments (2)


10 episodes

Brand new historical tv series “Indian Summers” on Channel 4 was created by Nicole Taylor. The first pilot episode won a warm reception from critics and a runaway success with the audience. Events set in 1932, India was a colony of the British Empire, but as we all remember the history, the beginning of World War II led to the collapse of the empire. In tv series shown last year of Indians under colonial oppression of UK.



Banana (season 1)

1,722 views Comments (0)


8 episode

The brand new series “Banana”, which is a part of the show “The Cucumber” and “Tofu”. Russell T Davies has created a television project on the topic of love and relationships among LGBT youth. “Cucumber” is mainly dedicated to the theme of a mature man’s love which shown through the image of gay house-sharing life. “Banana” puts the focus more on the relationship between young people of Manchester and their feelings are revealed in a world where everyone knows that they belong to the LGBT community. Tofu describes the attitude of the actors to their roles, their attitude towards the LGBT community. This is shown through interviews and scenes from the shooting.



Cucumber (season 1)

2,782 views Comments (2)


8 episodes

The most shocking tv show over the past 50 years will appear on UK television. “Cucumber” is a brand new gay drama telling us the story about Henry Best. He is a 46-year old man who lives in Manchester. Henry falls in love with much younger guy that became a object of his desires. His feeling leads Henry to a house where live younger gay men. Everything ends up with house-sharing with them. We see the life across different generations of gays. Cucumber is to be screened in 2015 and premiered on Channel 4. Critics acclaimed this tv show will be groundbreaking drama even for American Network.



Utopia (season 2)

4,027 views Comments (11)

Utopia Channel 4 poster season 2 2014

6 episodes

This is the story of a group of characters hunting for an underground comic book that could contain some very dangerous secrets, while they themselves are hunted by hitmen and government agents. The three main people unwittingly caught up in the sinister plot: Beck, Ian, and Wilson Wilson are back, along with Jessica, the key to the plot, and her former nemesis Arby. It appears the conspiracy is going ahead, but not before they likely try to stop it. (more…)


Derek (season 2)

2,345 views Comments (9)

Derek Netflix season 2 2014 poster

6 episodes + Special

Continuing the story of 49-years-old kind man by the name of Derek from Broadhill retirement home. A year after the events of the first series, all the old Broadhill faces are back, alongside some new ones. Derek’s happy that his dad’s moving in, while Tom and Hannah are taking things to another level. New volunteer Jeff has joined the clan, but Dougie and Vicky have no time for him. (more…)