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The Firm (season 1)

13,476 views Comments (17)

The Firm Season 1 poster

22 episodes

«The Firm» – TV series, which is a continuation of the same movie in 1993. The movie was the adaptation of the novel by American writer John Grisham. Starring Tom Cruise. In the story, the action series taking place 10 years after the events of the film. Lawyer Mitch McDeere who passed all his colleagues to police, is protected under the federal witness protection program. However, after a while, he realizes that escape from the past is not easy. (more…)


Rome (season 2)

10,612 views Comments (31)

Rome HBO poster season 2 2007

10 episodes

Gaul was again swallowed by the war. The reason for that was the policy. The fact that Caesar wants to have success in the political career, and he wants to win the most important battle for Rome. All his efforts become questionable when he’s on the way there, Pompeii. Caesar needs any ways to defeat a strong opponent, so he asks for help from the Senate. In support, the Senate decides to use Gnemon – shield that can beat the Caesar. The commander understands that the situation in the arena is not the best way, but hands down he is not going. Due to its popularity, it can easily win the right fight. Only the Senate begins to think of evil plan against Caesar behind him. (more…)


The Legend of Korra (season 1)

9,500 views Comments (21)

The Legend Of Korra Nickelodeon poster season 1 2012

12 episodes

The action of the TV series is set about 70 years after the avatar Aang’s victory over the Lord of Fire. Korra has mastered the magic of water, earth and fire. She must learn the last element- the magic of air. Only son of Aang and Katara – Tenzin could help her in this. Korra lives in a Republic City. Republic City – a place where live all nations together. (more…)


Rome (season 1)

13,625 views Comments (43)

Rome HBO poster season 1 2005

12 episodes

The action of the TV series begins in 52 BC. e., when Julius Caesar conquers Gaul after eight years of war and preparing to return to Rome. Caesar’s niece Atia anxiously awaits his return, the patricians in despair – they fear that the return of Caesar upset the status quo and life which they built, will be undermined. In the Senate, party leaders patricians persuaded an old friend of Caesar, Quintus Pompey, that Caesar is a threat to the prosperity of Rome. At this time, the two hapless legioners, Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo, plotting adventure, which, if successful, will greatly enhance their welfare. The closer the Caesar’s legions move to Rome, so there is a growing tension between the soldiers and civilians, the closer to a head a conflict that would forever change the history … (more…)


Supernatural (season 7)

28,932 views Comments (35)

Supernatural CW season 7 poster

23 episodes

The series is talking about the adventures of the two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, who travel across the US on the black Chevrolet Impala of 1967, investigating supernatural phenomenons, many of which are based on the American town legends and folklore, and fighting against the evil creatures such as demons and ghosts. In the 7th season the Winchesters will find themselves in a getting more and more tense situation and face with a new enemy which they have never met before. All of their old skills, habitual weapons and fighting methods will turn out to be useless. Sam and Dean are going to rely only on each other. And, sure thing, they are not going to give up without a fight. (more…)


Nikita (season 2)

24,984 views Comments (34)

Nikita poster CW season 2 2011

23 episodes

When Nikita was quite a troublemaking teenager, she was saved from death by the US secret agency known as the Division which had tweaked her penalty and convinced of giving her the second chance to start a new life and get an opportunity to serve her state. However, she hasn’t been told that she was trained as a spying killer. Eventually, Nikita was betrayed and all her dreams were ruined by the people whom she thought she could trust. After spending three years in hiding, Nikita is looks for a revenge to make her ex-bosses realize that she won’t stop in front of anything in order to expose and destroy their secret division. However, the Division continues recruiting and teaching young people getting rid of any information about their former life and making a cold-blood killers out of them. One of the new recruits, Alex, is just starting to realize what is waiting for her ahead and understands why the legendary Nikita made a desperate attempt to escape. In the second season there is a sequel of Nikita’s fight against the Division. Many secrets of the Division are already uncovered, including the “black box” which Persey was trying to get back so hard. The ways of Alex and Nikita are parted. Nikita and Michael are gone from the country. What will happen to Alex now? What decision will she take? On the one hand she works for the government, on the other side – returning toRussiain order to get a huge multibillion corporation “Z” which now belongs to her by inheritance and a revenge for her father’s death.



Criminal Minds (season 7)

11,306 views Comments (34)

Criminal Minds CBS season 7 2011

24 episodes

The main characters of the series are the best team of  FBI investigators. They are able to understand and analyze the thinking of the most sophisticated criminals, to predict their future behavior and thereby to prevent the terrible crimes. Instead thorough examination of evidence they are trying to find and understand the motives of the crime. While they are working at the crime scene, these professionals are investigating it inside and trying to understand the darkest criminal minds. (more…)


Hawaii Five-0 (season 2)

30,939 views Comments (36)

Hawaii Five-0 CBS poster season 2 2011

23 episodes

Detective Steve McGarrett returns to Oahu to investigate the murder of his father. He stays at the island because the governor of Hawaii persuaded  him to lead a new team Five-O. The team still  consists of  the policeman from New Jersey Danny ‘Danno’ Williams,  a former policeman of  Honolulu Chin Ho Kelly, beautiful and fearless academy graduate Kono Kalakaua. We will see at the second season once again that though the members of the new special-force Five-O  bite each other but they are  incline to destroy the crime at the fiftieth state.  (more…)


CSI: NY (season 1-8)

7,765 views Comments (37)


18 episodes

A veteran of television Ted Danson, winner of two Emmy Awards and three “Golden Globe” Awards, surprised the public when he accepted a permanent role in CSI. Danson will play the new chief of the night shift, who this side headed the criminal laboratory in Portland. Finally George Fox  returns to the show next season.   She will become a permanent cast of the show. The actress has been mostly the cast during the first seven seasons of the show, and then she moved to the status of a guest star. (more…)


Castle (season 4)

27,035 views Comments (16)

Castle Season 4

23 episodes

Richard Castle and Kate Beckett – a terrific duet of two totally dissimilar people. They are a great couple. He – a detective, she – a psychologist. Together they reveal the most complicated murder. All this happens with humor and good relations. (more…)