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Early Man (2018)

3,518 views Comments (0)

Early Man

Long ago, in prehistoric times, a meteorite fell near Manchester. The Cro-Magnons who were close to the place of the incident found that it was possible to play football with a round thing from outer space, and live in a vast funnel formed as a result of its contact with the earth’s surface. Years passed, centuries passed by. The funnel turned into a paradise oasis in the middle of a stony desert, populated by mutants, and the ancient art of kicking the sphere was forgotten. Descendants of the ancestors of football in the cartoon “Early Man” shaved by beetles, hunted rabbits – fun and carefree spent time in the Stone Age. While their cozy green island was not occupied by representatives of the empire from the Bronze Age. And to return the captured territory back it is possible only in one way – having beaten “Real” which the effective manager Lord Nooth.


The Simpsons (season 29)

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21 episodes

In the life of an eccentric and unpredictable family from Springfield “The Simpsons”, radical changes did not happen. Cheerful and not ordinary Simpsons continue to please, surprise, and at times shock the fans of the American animated film. The head of the family still works on such a serious enterprise, which is vitally important for the whole city. Many townspeople who personally know Homer (and the specifics of his character) are frankly afraid that one day he will make a mistake at work and the population will suffer seriously. However, it’s been a long time, and all the fears have been groundless. (more…)


Family Guy (season 16)

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Family Guy

20 episodes

The main characters of the popular animated series “Family Guy” – Peter Griffin and his wife Lois in the 12th season decide to go to church. They start dressing and Luis notices that Peter has a hollow shirt. She suggests after the church to call in for a new shirt. In the store, Peter begins to carp and can not choose something suitable for himself. Finally, the shirt was chosen, but it turned out to be small. Lois hints that he gained weight, but as it turns out later in the hospital – Peter’s neck has a tumor … (more…)


Bob’s Burgers (season 8)

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21 episodes

The storyline of the sitcom “Bob’s Burgers” is twisted around the Hamburg snackbar, owned by Bob Belcher. To do business he is helped by his wife Linda, and also by three children. Bob is not the most successful restaurateur and his snack bar is constantly fails – it is constantly closed. However, he is sure that soon he will succeed. Linda constantly rolls him into hysterics, and children become guilty of all the failures. But it’s nothing to worry about, it’s important that the family be together! (more…)


Mike Tyson Mysteries (season 3)

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20 episodes

The animation series “Mike Tyson Mysteries” which basis is the investigations made by “Iron Mike”. Actually, it is about Mike Tyson in a leading role, the famous boxer. He has very interesting magic force, and he has a faithful assistant the speaking bird. He is a private detective, his work is very difficult, daily meeting on the way lots of crimes, incidents which it is not impossible to solve without detective, with a good deal of mind. He is very similar to the superman who is always ready to go for help, with his abilities it isn’t so heavy to make investigations especially as the speaking pigeon can always prompt and give practical advice. These series contain comedy, both adventure, all thanks to the main character (more…)


American Dad! (season 15)

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12 episodes

This story “American Dad!” is about one of the American family. Ordinary family. But at the same time completely unusual! The head of the family is Stan Smith, a CIA official. His wife – a housewife, and children – the girl finishes college, and the boy is a fourteen-year-old teenager. The family’s singularity lies in the fact that, speaking under the same roof, there is a talking goldfish Klaus, who was transplanted by the brain of a German skier, and a cheerful, creative aliens Roger. Funny stories take place in each series with this family.


Final Space (season 1)

3,399 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

Guardian of infinity warriors named Gary in the series “Final Space” was defeated by a villain unknown to us. His ship Galaxy1 was defeated, a faithful friend and companion, the anthropomorphic cat of Avocato, died in a battle with the enemy, and Quinn, who taught him everything, was also destroyed. Even Kevin, a robot hated by him, did not escape the tragic fate. Having lost all meaning to existence, Gary did not find another way out as to go to the past, where he, however, should lose his memories. The only thing he tried in every possible way to keep in his mind is that he needs to save Mooncake – that is the key to salvation in everything. (more…)


Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay (2018)

921 views Comments (0)

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay

Amanda Waller again recruits villains who, by installing explosives in the neck and giving them a very important one can say “personal” task – to steal a card that suddenly turns out to be a “magical trip to Paradise”. “Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay” – it’s a road-movie where a lot of bright personalities hunt for a card and get into no less vivid adventures along the way. Treason, betrayal, pursuit of personal goals – all this you will find in this cartoon.


Batman: Gotham by Gaslight (2018)

878 views Comments (0)

Batman: Gotham by Gaslight

The action of the animated film “Batman: Gotham by Gaslight” takes place in 1889 in Gotham, where there is a Victorian Batman. And he tries to stop Jack the Ripper, who has declared a hunt for women. Batman skillfully combines his skills with city knowledge and stunts of illusionists, so for the Gotham police he is considered an elusive criminal interfering in the affairs of law enforcement. In the animated film there are a lot of spectacular fights, but the best of them are those in which Batman fights with Jack the Ripper. It’s not just a worthy Bruce opponent – it’s the one who is better than him in everything.


Ferdinand (2017)

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The story of the bull “Ferdinand”, who is under the motto “You do not have to fight, you need to fall in love”. No, he was not a ladies’ man, but he turned out to be a refined kind, to whom landscape design is much closer than the furious play with the muscles in the arena. Ferdinand grew up on a special farm for such future champions. A young calf came to another place where a pretty girl with her father lived. They were just engaged in flowers, which Ferdie was just delighted with. (more…)