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Vice (2018)

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The movie introduces you to the deft American politician Dick Cheney, who resurrected many times after “political death” (he left the top leadership posts in the state and re-conquered them), and once managed to deceive physical death. After watching the movie “Vice” you will learn how Cheney managed to fool his contemporaries and make the world much more dangerous than he had been just recently. But this movie is not only about Cheney, but about his era. (more…)


Stan & Ollie (2019)

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Stan & Ollie

The movie sheds light on the legendary friendship of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in the last years of their career and will show the final segment of the life and work of popular comedy film actors, who have lost their place in the film industry at the request of time, and who are forced to earn on tour and live concerts. While the “Stan & Ollie” introductory prologue shows the team at its peak in 1937, most of the story takes place in 1953, during a tour of a couple’s music hall in the UK, at a time when their future in the comedy was uncertain, and the partnership, both on stage and beyond, has been severely tested. (more…)


American Soul (season 1)

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American Soul

10 episodes

Biographical series “American Soul” tells about the personal and professional life of the American entrepreneur, producer and TV presenter Don Cornelius. In 1971, the Soul Train music program appeared on American television, broadcasting performances of various musical genres: rhythm and blues, soul and hip-hop, sometimes funk, jazz, disco and gospel. The show was aired until 2006, by which time more than 1,100 issues had been filmed.


Lizzie (2018)

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The history of Lizzie Bordon still stirs human minds, although more than 125 years have passed since that ill-fated August 1892. Stepmother and Liziz’s father received more than a dozen blows with an ax each; Crime, evidence collection, court. The process was so famous that a century later, American kids can still read without hesitation the rhyme about Lizzie Bordon and the blows of an ax. (more…)


At Eternity’s Gate (2018)

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At 28, he came to painting. And in 37 years he passed away. Completely gone. Forever and ever. Nine years of creative activity. Is it a lot or a little? There are over 2000 paintings. Crazy numbers. Absolutely not real. Unsustainable to common sense. But it is so. Got rich? Only 14 works were sold during his lifetime. For 9 years – 14 paintings. The cash equivalent of the payout is mere pennies. (more…)


Beautiful Boy (2018)

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The stories about drug addicts are almost always the same story line. The once diligent hero tries drugs, and life suddenly turns into hell – and not so much for the character himself as for the people close to him. “Handsome Boy” (the English-language debut of the Belgian director Felix van Groeningen) was no exception – except that this story is more about those closest to you than about regular weekdays for drug addicts. (more…)


Mary Queen of Scots (2018)

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Mary Queen of Scots

Queen Maria returns to Scotland – she had just become a widow after marriage with the King of France. The motherland takes her quite warmly, but she does not want to confine herself to a declarative role, and she makes changes in parliament, coming into conflict with a part of the clergy and people who were very close to her once. At the same time, the paternal sister, Elizabeth I, is concerned about the emergence of a new contender for the throne, and failing to impose her candidate for a husband, inflaming popular unrest to destabilize Scotland. (more…)


Victoria (season 3)

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8 episodes

The early years of Queen Victoria were filled with important events that set the direction for personal development and the worldview of one of the most influential women in British history. The third season of the popular project “Victoria” continued the story of a period when the future queen was not yet married to Prince Albert. It was a real woman, who is her more promising representative of the ruling elite.


The Happy Prince (2018)

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The Happy Prince

Oscar Wilde, after two years of hard labor, where he was sent for “gross obscenity” with males, is leaving for continental Europe, away from general harassment. He has almost no money, and his friends, with the exception of a few close ones, turned away from the famous writer. But this does not prevent Wilde from embarking on everything serious: he arranges booze and mass orgies for the last money, and during a break between them he cries for the family left in England and tells the story of the Happy Prince to two Parisian rags. (more…)


The Favourite (2018)

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The Favourite

1708 England is fighting for the Spanish legacy with France. Queen Anne is over forty, and she does not care about the war, nor about the government of the country. After seventeen pregnancies, each of which ended in tragedy, the unhappy woman sits in her palace, seizing gout and stress cakes and pukes. Her closest friend, Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough, takes all the “care” on herself, manipulating the sick queen in the interests of her husband, who leads the English army on the front line. In the midst of events in the palace appears Abigail Hill – cousin of Sarah Churchill. Having entered the job as a servant, Hill masterfully spreads himself first on his cousin, and then on the queen herself. In this triangle takes place the action of “The Favourite”.