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Burn Notice (season 6)

7,197 views Comments (5)

burn notice USA season 6 2012 poster

18 episodes

Burn Notice is a term used in the American intelligence services, meaning that a particular agent or the source of the information become unreliable. Michael Westen – spy who received a burn notice. That is declared – unsafe / hazardous agent. He has two black belts and he can perfectly use “anything, which can shoot bullets or having a blade.” He often improvises with electronic devices purchased from a household electrical goods, such as radio and mobile phones. Michael is fluent in several languages, including Russian and Czech. Fiona Glenanne – a former IRA agent and friend of Michael Westen. (more…)


Dexter (season 7)

65,307 views Comments (85)

Dexter Showtime season 7 2012 poster

12 episodes

I am Dexter. Dexter Morgan. I work as forensic scientist in Miami police . I do not understand love, I care about sex, and I have no feelings. And I’m a serial killer… (more…)


Flashpoint (season 5)

5,572 views Comments (6)

Flashpoint CTV season 5 2012

13 episodes

Action series revolves around an elite Strategic Response Unit (SRU), a Canadian metropolitan police. Their task – to work in extreme situations where ordinary police powerless, such as hostage-taking, bomb threat, terrorists, etc. Equipped with high-tech tools, weapons and explosives, they use negotiation tactics and intuition to try to avoid the use of lethal force. (more…)


Sons Of Anarchy (season 5)

18,418 views Comments (31)

Sons of Anarchy season 5 FX poster 2012

13 episodes

30-year-old man trying to find balance in their lives between the newly acquired fatherhood and his involvement in the motorcycle club. News of the extension of the Sons Of Anarchy on the fifth season does not look as epic as the others news on channel FX. Although this TV series is something to brag about in terms of ratings. The current season is the most successful not only in the history of the show but in the history channel FX.



Boardwalk Empire (season 3)

28,181 views Comments (57)

Boardwalk Empire HBO season 3 poster 2012

12 episodes

Jimmy Darmodi was gone, and Nucky Thompson is the owner of Atlantic City again. However, many who want to take the place of Nucky. Arnold Rothstein is just one of them. Therefore, the struggle for power and influence is not yet complete. Nucky have to play by different rules … (more…)


Covert Affairs (season 3)

9,732 views Comments (15)

Covert Affairs USA season 3 poster

16 episodes

Continuing adventures of Annie Walker – a young but very promising CIA agent. Not one Walker’s job does not manage without the help of Auggie Anderson – a specialist technical division, which at one time with pleasure involved in the “field” work. But an accident in which Auggie lost his sight, brought him into the office, equipped with modern equipment. Despite his loss, Auggie is very cheerful and never losing heart. Last season, Annie took on a terrorist, saved her sister and finally confronted her feelings about Auggie… But now will be even harder … (more…)


Major Crimes (season 1)

9,102 views Comments (13)

Major Crimes TNT season 1 2012 poster

10 episodes

TV show is a spin-off of popular TV series “The Closer.” Now, Captain Sharon Raydor played by Mary McDonnell will be in the center of the story. The premiere show  “Major Crimes” will be held in the summer of 2012. (more…)


Weeds (season 8)

6,474 views Comments (17)

weeds Showtime season 8 2012 poster

13 episodes

TV series “Weeds”  is not about the fight against drugs and how drug use is harmful,  opinion represented here  entirely on the other side. Nancy lives in the American suburbs, where everyone has his own arcana. To feed his family, she becomes a dealer of marijuana. (more…)


The Listener (season 3)

5,735 views Comments (17)

The Listener Season 3 poster

13 episodes

Toby Logan is a 30-year-old paramedic who discovers his unusual gift – read the thoughts of others. He never knew his father and grew up in foster care. Toby realizes that his mission to help others. He assisting police in solving crimes, catching criminals, and the provision of “telepathic” assistance to all who need it. But in addition to puzzles, investigations, and his telepathic abilities Toby is trying to understand themselves, to cope with their memories, and to understand where he got such a gift, and who his parents. (more…)


Damages (season 5)

6,738 views Comments (12)

Damages Directv season 5 2012 poster

10 episodes

In the final fifth season, Patty Hewes and Ellen Parsons finally find out the relationship between them. Ground for disputes becomes Channing McClaren, owner of the site, devoted to government and corporate transparency. Ellen is ready to use any method to win over her former mentor. She hires Kate Franklin, who is familiar with the Patty’s methods. However, Ellen realizes that Kate can not be trusted. Rutger Simon, the chief lieutenant and gatekeeper for McClaren only adds to the problem. But the time will soon put everything in it’s place … (more…)