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Psych (season 6)

5,184 views Comments (10)

psych season 6 poster

16 episodes

Shawn Spencer has an amazing ability to observation and excellent memory. His father, police officer, Henry, teaches his son to remember the smallest details that surround him. It is very useful in the future… (more…)


Justified (season 3)

12,506 views Comments (27)

Justified Season 3 2012 poster

13 episodes

Continuation of the history of the U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens. He contemporary cop, still adheres to old-fashioned views on justice. Raylan has in his arsenal some very convincing arguments – among them, a deadly sense of humor, Glock and, of course, a cowboy hat. Because of his strict moral code Givens has long been a target for criminals and for colleagues. (more…)


CSI: Miami (season 10)

14,446 views Comments (55)

CSI Miami Season 10

19 episodes

Miami can be called a paradise. There are the warm, gentle sea, the bright sun on the friendly blue sky, white soft sand and the cries of seagulls there … However, terrible and brutal crimes are committed in this beautiful place. For this reason, one of the most wonderful parts of our planet has a team of professional criminalists, headed by Lieutenant Horatio Caine. All team members are smart, young, beautiful and able to deal with even the most confused crime. They are looking for the criminal trail with the tenacity and  find it surely.  (more…)


Southland (season 4)

5,980 views Comments (14)

Southland Season 4 2012 poster

10 episodes

“Southland” is a police drama. There is no chic and luxury, despite the fact that the action takes place in Los Angeles, and no police-superhero, investigating crimes century there. We show the usual routine work of the cops who have to travel to any event here. But despite the seeming prose, “Southland” is tight and dynamic series, in which each character, whether novice Ben Sherman or cynical veteran John Cooper, has own view, history and his own truth. (more…)


White Collar (season 3)

8,531 views Comments (17)

White collar 3 season

16 episodes

The story talks about a cooperation between an ingenious swindler and an FBI agent. Neal Caffrey, an unbelievably charming criminal is finally caught by his eternal enemy, an outstanding State Security agent, Peter Burke. After Neal escapes from the prison in order to find his missing beloved, Peter catches him again. Neal asks not to rush with sending him to jail and offers Peter a cooperation opportunity as Neal could help him in catching the most “elite” criminals, so-called “white collars” of the underworld. Peter realizes that Neal’s special intuition and experience, which a regular law-obiding sitizen doesn’t have for sure, may become a bit of a help in fighting against crime. (more…)


Lilyhammer (season 1)

16,237 views Comments (11)

Lilyhammer Netflix season 1 poster

8 episodes

Frank Tagliano testified against his boss, and now, he moved to Lillehammer in the witness protection program. Olympic Games ever held in this small Norwegian town. Frank calls it Lilyhammer. He dreams about paradise with a clean air, snow white and the coolest women, away from the temptations of New York and the mafia. The reality, of course, is not the same as dreams. (more…)


Hustle (season 8)

5,369 views Comments (4)

hustle season 8 2012 poster

6 episodes

This team of professionals. Their work is based on the ability to bluff, play on the weaknesses of the rich and famous people – and take everything without giving anything in return. Brilliant psychologists and skilled actors, they correctly guess the thoughts and actions of people. They tend to think several steps ahead, and if you are looking selfish gains – they  will deceive you masterfully. (more…)


Prime Suspect (season 1)

4,449 views Comments (11)

prime suspect 1 season

13 episodes

The film was adopted by the writer Alexandra Canninghem (known for “Desperate Housewives”) and director Peter Berg (“Friday Night Lights”) from the British self-titled TV series. The main character is a tough, strong, unreasonable and quite rude detective Jane Timony played by the Hollywood star Mary Bello. Despite that she is a perfect policeman who always focuses her attention on the prime suspect. The majority in NY police department are men however, Jane is ready to prove her excellence.



Leverage (season 4)

7,877 views Comments (13)

leverage TNT season 4 2011 poster

18 episodes

Nathan Ford team again in the collection and it’s full complement. Alec Hardison, Parker, Sophie Devereaux and Eliot Spencer are working in extraordinary circumstances where the usual legal procedures and laws do not apply. In other words, they continue to rob the wealthy criminals and corrupt businessmen.



Sherlock (season 1, 2)

38,935 views Comments (36)

Sherlock Season 2

3 episodes

Events are unfolding in our times. It is London, 2010. We will see “A Scandal in Bohemia” where the detective is to face adventuress Irene Adler, and also it is planned love line in the second season of  “Sherlock” from the British channel BBC. It will be known to everyone “Hound of the Baskervilles,” which creators of the series want to perform in the manner of Gothichorror films. And finally, it will be presented “The Final Problem Holmes” with a famous duel with Moriarty near Reichenbachfall. (more…)