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Gascoigne (2015)

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One of the best players of all time – Paul Gascoigne, nicknamed Gazza. He was a midfielder in England, started his way in the club Abby, and then moved to Newcastle and Tottenham respectively. He became famous thanks to his talent and wild disposition on the field. At home he is honored as George Best at the time. The film is a documentary project, which is described in details his life and career. (more…)


Hot Girls Wanted (2015)

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hot-girls-wantedHot Girls Wanted is a documentary about the hard destinies of girls who dream about a career, fame and greatness, but did not succeed anywhere except porn movies. This movie is written and directed by Jill Bauer – he’s looking for 18 and 19 year old girls to invite them to become a porn actresses, some agree quickly, some have to persuade. According to his words every day in the world a new 18 year old girl arise, and it is an occasion to do what he did last few years.



Scienceless Fiction (2015)

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Notorious director Bill Zebub (“Assmonster”) set out to spoof science fiction movies. He noticed that Star Trek had social messages woven into the stories. He thought jokingly “What if I weave ANTIsocial messages?” Not letting the joke fade, he wondered if there were anything in modern times that he could target, and the answer came fast. Political correctness. (more…)


Egypt’s Lost Queens (2015)

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The Reign of the Queen is marked as a golden era in the history of Egypt. She has gained most of the wealth, what will inherit Tutankhamun. If the name of Queen Hatshepsut is not very well known, that there are reasons for it. Her images have been erased, and the body disappeared from the tomb. Now researchers go in search of the missing mummy of Queen. They conduct forensic investigations using computed tomography. After more than three thousand years, the mystery of Hatshepsut can finally be revealed. This may be the greatest unsolved mystery of ancient Egypt. (more…)


Driving America (2015)

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driving-americaDriving America, primarily, is a story about cars. Old luxury Cadillacs with fish fins, American muscle cars of 60’s and its main struggle between Dodge Challenger and Chevy Camaro to be named as the American Legend, fashionable cabrioles which blow up all America. The history of the car has its roots back in the old days. If you want to know it get ready to turn on the TV show Driving America. You will learn all about our iron friends and their impact on American culture…



(Dis)Honesty: The Truth About Lies (2015)

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dis-honesty--the-truth-about-liesThe bigger brain, the larger the capacity to lie.” This is from a psychiatrist at Duke Institute. It’s human nature to lie; we all do it! From scandalous headlines to little white lies, the film explores the complex impact dishonesty has on our lives and everyday society. (Dis)Honesty – The Truth About Lies is a documentary feature film that explores the human tendency to be dishonest. Inspired by the work of behavioral economist, Dan Ariely, the film interweaves personal stories, expert opinions, behavioral experiments, and archival footage to reveal how and why people lie.



Deep Web (2015)

748 views Comments (2)

deep-webMost people is simply taken hostage by World Wide Web. We’re all using The Internet and we get used to see funny pictures, games, social networks, news and different information of all kind. But the plot of the film will show a new Internet – encrypted and dangerous. The documentary explores a completely new web, located very very deep… Why it could be dangerous and for whom? This deep network is not indexed by search engines. And who has access to that secret internet? It is time for us to understand. Deep Web directed by Alex Winter.



Kobe Bryant’s Muse (2015)

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The film tells the story of Kobe Bryant – professional basketball player who plays on shooting guard position in the basketball team the Los Angeles Lakers. He is considered one of the best players of our time, few times was included in the All-Star team. On the field, there is a sports nickname – Black Mamba! (more…)


The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst (season 1)

1,241 views Comments (4)

kinopoisk.ruRobert Durst is well-known billionaire in America, he achived his fame because he constantly gets to various stories: scandals and intrigues. It all started back from the distant 1982, when his wife – Mrs. Durst had disappeared. 10 years no one knows about here destiny, it was almost forgotten, but best friend of Mrs. Durst – Susan Berman found dead in this period too. There were a lot of rumors that Susan knew about Robert’s wife and she wanted to tell the truth to the world. Suspicion dropped on Robert a long time ago, but skillful lawyers do not give to put him in jail. The more people are beginning to dig his private life, the more his biography becomes disgusting…



Bears (2014)

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An American documentary film describes the lives of Alaskan bears. The bear family including a mother and and her two cubs are struggling through the difficulties to find food and protect themselves from enemies surrounding them. Their survival mainly depends on the way they support and stick to each other.  (more…)