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Van Helsing (season 3)

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13 episodes

New series “Van Helsing” and a new look at the adventures of the hunter for all evil spirits and vampires. However, the main character will not be a man, but a woman. She wakes up in a strange laboratory where she discovers that the world has changed once and for all. The planet is ruled by representatives of the vampire race, and the remnants of people are forced to hide in underground shelters. Miss Van Helsing also discovers incredible powers in her that enable her to finish off monsters. Soon it will turn out that she is the only hope for the salvation of the human race.


Smallfoot (2018)

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At the very top of one of the Himalayan mountains live yeti. In their snow-covered village there is an order established many centuries ago, carved on stones. But one overly curious snow man named Migo runs into someone who, according to the laws of the village, simply does not exist – with a man. The news of “smallfoot” brings him fame, but causes a stir among other residents, who are now wondering whether the ancient laws and traditions are right, and how to live on. “Smallfoot” is a great family movie.


Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween (2018)

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Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween

In an abandoned house, a couple of schoolchildren find the hidden book “Haunted Halloween” by the famous writer R.L. Stein. Opening it, they release Slappi’s live doll. At first, a new acquaintance seems sweet and kind, but soon his true face is revealed. Slappi dreams of capturing the abandoned Tesla tower, using it to transmit its magic through the air and free horrendous monsters around the world.


Midnight, Texas (season 2)

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Midnight, Texas

9 episodes

This is the story of the small town of Midnight,Texas. Here came the main character Manfred, who has paranormal abilities. Unexpectedly, he found himself intertwined with local mystical events, having a far larger scale than one would have imagined. Manfred is confronted with the embodiment of this evil and is trying to stop the coming apocalypse. It would seem that he succeeded, but none of the visitors should be aware of the secrets of the town, because it is here that vampires live, werewolves and other vermin.


Mandy (2018)

409 views Comments (0)


A lumberjack Red Miller lives with his wife Mandy in the wilderness of a forest near a picturesque lake. While her husband is at work, she reads mystical novels, creates unusual drawings inspired by her violent imagination. And she and her husband love to spend the weekend in nature or watch TV before bedtime. But this idyll comes to an end when the leader of a certain religious sect pays attention to Mandy. A woman becomes a victim of fanatics, she is drugged, inclined to intimacy with a self-proclaimed prophet. Mandy resists this, and she is burned alive in front of the distraught Red, who is also held hostage. Sectarians leave their temporary haven. Red manages to free himself. After mourning his beloved woman, he begins to hunt for her killers. Red’s rage reaches a truly cosmic scale, his revenge will be fierce.


I Still See You (2018)

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I Still See You

The movie “I Still See You” will tell about the consequences of a super-powerful energy collapse that occurred near Chicago in one of the largest research laboratories and claimed several million human lives. The terrible energy wave turned those who were not far from the epicenter into ghosts who live in their time loops and repeat every day all the actions that they performed immediately before the explosion itself. The world has become for the survivors of a giant house with ghosts, from which it is impossible to get rid of.


Titans (season 1)

10,557 views Comments (0)


11 episodes

The basis of the series “Titans” became comics about the team of young superheroes. The group is led by Dick Grayson, also known as Nightwing. A former circus artist, an alien princess, a girl with obvious demonic forces that are difficult to hold back and a teenager who has the ability to turn into animals after taking medicine have joined the team of superheroes.


Tidelands (season 1)

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8 episodes

The main heroine of the series “Tidelands” was once a criminal. The girl did away with the past. She returns to her native land to start life from scratch. Here in the fishing village Orfelin Bay everything is calm. Probably, this is where she will be able to find harmony and peace. However, an event soon occurs that will stir up the whole settlement: the corpse of a local fisherman is found on the shore. Traces on the body indicate a possible murder, but no one can even imagine who is capable of committing such a crime. The main character decides to get to know the locals and opens a terrible secret: there are no people in Orfelin Bay. Here live half-sirens.


Aquaman (2018)

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Two and a half hours of chases and adventures, beauty and fights, battles and natural disasters. Amber Heard in a tight scaly jumpsuit. Jason Momoa with a trident and an uncombed beard flying in the wind. The movie “Aquaman” shows the conflict between Atlantis and the Earth. Among the characters in the movie there are mostly Atlanta and other inhabitants of the underwater kingdoms. Women here are feminine, men are courageous, the plot of this is especially majestic.


The House with a Clock in Its Walls (2018)

836 views Comments (0)

The House with a Clock in Its Walls

The events of the movie “The House with a Clock in Its Walls” take place in 1955. After the sudden death of their parents, ten-year-old Lewis Barnewelt moves in with Uncle Jonathan in a small town in Michigan. An extravagant relative is a lover of bright robes and a good magician living in a monster house full of different wonders. His best friend lives next to him – the equally eccentric witch Florence Zimmerman. Once in the abode of Jonathan there lived an evil sorcerer Isaac Izzard (Kyle MacLachlen), hidden in the walls of the building magic clock that can control time. Foolishly resurrecting a villain, the boy launches a chain of events that threatens to destroy the whole world.