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Prison Break (season 2)

14,051 views Comments (4)

prison break season 2 2006 FOX poster

22 episodes

The five escapees become the most wanted criminals in the United States. In addition to an FBI Special Agent Alex Mahone, secret government agencies who were involved in the machinations of the former president of the country looking for Michael, Lincoln, Abruzzi, C-Note, and Sucre. (more…)


The Mentalist (season 5)

32,503 views Comments (45)

The Mentalist CBS season 5 2012

22 episodes

In the last season, it became clear that Red John is still alive. In addition, he has a lot of supporters and aides. But Patrick Jane is not going to stop until completely destroy his worst enemy. His colleagues Teresa Lisbon, Kimball Cho, Wayne Rigsby and Grace Van Pelt are always ready to help him. While Jane tries to decipher Lorelei’s connection to Red John, the CBI team is forced to partner with the FBI to solve the murder of a hotel employee. (more…)


The Americans (season 1)

27,125 views Comments (31)

The Americans FX season 1 2013 poster

13 episodes

Spy drama about a KGB agents, who in the midst of the Cold War pretend respectable married couple from the suburbs of Washington. Jennings’ family has two children, who don’t know about the real work of their parents. The relations’ history of Phillip and Elizabeth develops in the daily work with a network of spies and informers, but soon their relationship breaks, as Philip penetrate “the values of the American way of life” … (more…)


Bones (season 8)

25,832 views Comments (60)

Bones FOX season 8 2012 poster

24 episodes

Having been accused of murder, Brennan is on the run from the FBI, with help from her father Max. Booth and the Jeffersonian team are convinced evil tech genius Christopher Pelant has manipulated key evidence in the case to pinpoint Brennan as the prime suspect. Then, an anonymous tip leads the team to the remains of a high school guidance counselor that may hold the key to proving Brennan’s innocence.


Hemlock Grove (season 1)

17,825 views Comments (28)

hemlock grove Netflix poster season 1 2013

13 episodes

Based on Brian McGreevy’s Novel. In the town people find the mutilated body of the girl. The series revolves around the eccentric residents of a dilapidated former Pennsylvania steel town and the murder of 17-year-old Brooke Bluebell. Through the investigation, the town’s seamier side is exposed, revealing that nothing is what it seems. A murder mystery set in a Pennsylvania steel town in which “killer creatures” are among the suspects. (more…)


House of Anubis (season 3)

6,491 views Comments (6)

Hous Of Anubis Nickelodeon poster

40 episodes

House of Anubis follows a group of students who uncover and solve hidden mysteries at an English boarding school while dealing with the highs and lows of their teenage years. In season three, the Sibuna gang returns to Anubis House with new leader Eddie as the Osirian. It’s up to the Sibunas to untangle the mysteries and stop the adults from unleashing an evil so great it will destroy the world and everyone in it. The new season will feature returning favorite characters and also introduce new faces including KT, a sunny and tenacious American girl who becomes a vital part of the Sibuna gang, and Willow, a bright and quirky student from another boarding house. (more…)


Cracked (season 1)

4,951 views Comments (2)

cracked ctv season 1 2013 poster

13 episodes

Cracked is a unique blend of a police and medical drama inspired by the real-life experiences of police officers and mental-health professionals. The hour-long series is a bold depiction of the psychological side of policing and the emotional impact on front-line workers. It’s a fascinating yet affectionate exploration of all dimensions of human behavior. (more…)


Banshee (season 1)

22,503 views Comments (52)

Banshee Cinemax season 1 2013 poster

10 episodes

Lucas Hood has just been released from prison, where he remained for fifteen years. Despite this, he hijacks a car and sent to a former co-defendant Job, to find out where a person lives, he is looking for. Lucas comes to town Banshee with a population of 11.400 people where hiding who he needs. At the bar, Lucas became a witness the shooting, which killed the new sheriff of the town. As it turned out, the sheriff’s name is Lucas Hood. The main character comes a crazy idea – to usurp the identity of the deceased. Job – a hacker is able to crack any system and provides the necessary documentation for Lucas. Nobody has not been seen the new sheriff, and no one knows what he looks like. After receiving the work and guidance of the mayor, Lucas tries to enforce the law suit itself … (more…)


The Lying Game (season 2)

12,713 views Comments (14)

The Lying Game ABC Family poster season 2 2013

10 episodes

As the twins’ saga continues in season two, there are more surprises, secrets and lies. The girls recently revealed birth mother Rebecca lures Sutton into her plans for the Mercer family. Emma grows closer to Thayer, while still being drawn to Ethan, who has started to reconnect with Sutton. Kristin feels betrayed after Ted came clean about his long ago affair with Rebecca, but Ted might be hiding even more shocking revelations. And Mads connects with a mysterious new guy in town who brings a whole new level of secrets with him. (more…)


Prison Break (season 1)

20,648 views Comments (8)

prison break season 1 2005 FOX poster

22 episodes

This is the story of two brothers. The older brother Lincoln Burrows is sent in Fox River State Penitentiary. He is a death row prisoner for the murder of Vice-President’s brother, which he didn’t commit. The younger brother Michael Scofield decides to save Lincoln and to arrange an escape from prison. To implement the plan, Michael arranges a fake bank robbery, waives lawyer and sits in the same prison where his brother is waiting for execution. Previously, he worked at the firm, which was engaged in the reconstruction of the object “Fox River” and knows a lot of interesting features of all rooms. All necessary information is always at Michael because before going to prison he made impressive tattoo on his body… (more…)