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Coma (season 1)

3,108 views Comments (4)

Coma A&E 2012 poster

2 episodes

A young medical student discovers that something sinister is going on in her hospital after routine procedures send more than a few seemingly healthy patients into comas on the operating table. (more…)


The Killing (season 2)

17,341 views Comments (23)

the killing season 2 2012 poster

13 episodes

TV series “The Killing”  is the story of a murder from three perspectives – the detectives, the oversight of the case, the family of the deceased and the suspects. The plot also deals with local politicians and their connection with this case. Gradually it becomes clear that there is no chance, everyone has his own secret. And while the characters think that they continue to live on their past has not left them alone. (more…)


Magic City (season 1)

7,555 views Comments (9)

Magic City Starz poster season 1 2012

8 episodes

The TV series about Miami Beach’s most luxurious dream palace of those times – the Miramar Hotel. Frank Sinatra comes to celebrating New Year is here. Ike Evans – Managing Director Hotel. He has to solve problems like the mafia, and with his own family, not distinguished by good behavior. Hotel Miramar has both light and dark sides: in the afternoon – a place for performances of clowns, and floats for doing the cha-cha-cha, and at night it becomes a haven for gangsters, the FBI, addicts, drug dealers, strippers, gathering together in order to enjoy great entertainment show that offers a program of the hotel. At the same time, only 320 kilometers from the coast of Miami deployed no less dramatic events: the Comandante Fidel Castro seizes power in Cuba … (more…)


Revenge (season 1)

69,233 views Comments (50)

Revenge 1 season

22 episodes

This is the story of a young girl who goes back to Hampton after many years in order to revenge on the people who ruined her family. Ironically, a forgotten beauty Madeline Stow plays again in the project called “Revenge”, as in the movie with Kevin Costner which made her famous. Now she is the evil that the main heroine must kill. In the past, some group of people committed a crime over the girl’s family and now she follows the footprints of the offenders of hers and getting rid of them one by one. (more…)


House M.D. (season 8)

64,417 views Comments (67)

house md FOX season 8 2011 poster

23 episodes

Dr. Gregory House is serving time in prison as punishment for the unrest, which he had built the Cuddy’s house. There he meets a charming girl who works as a doctor.  Soon, bizarre and unusual House invites the girl into his team at Princeton-Plainsboro.



The Mentalist (season 4)

21,437 views Comments (43)

The Mentalist season 4 poster

24 episodes

In the latest series of season 3 Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon told their team about Madeleine Hightower. They are born a plan to capture an accomplice of Red John. Their colleagues agree to take part in this illegal operation. As a result the cunning Patrick’s plan, it became clear that the Red John’s accomplice a Grace Van Pelt’s groom – agent Craig O’Laughlin. Soon Grace personally kill Craig. Finally, Patrick meets with the Red John face to face. After shooting him several times at point-blank, Patrick sits quietly at his table in a cafe and waiting for the police. He was able to avenge the death of his wife and daughter … (more…)


Criminal Minds (season 7)

11,326 views Comments (34)

Criminal Minds CBS season 7 2011

24 episodes

The main characters of the series are the best team of  FBI investigators. They are able to understand and analyze the thinking of the most sophisticated criminals, to predict their future behavior and thereby to prevent the terrible crimes. Instead thorough examination of evidence they are trying to find and understand the motives of the crime. While they are working at the crime scene, these professionals are investigating it inside and trying to understand the darkest criminal minds. (more…)


NCIS: Los Angeles (season 3)

14,721 views Comments (36)

NCIS Los Angeles CBS poster season 3 2011

24 episodes

It is a drama about undercover surveillance. NCIS is engaged with dangerous criminals who threaten the national safety. A squad of specialists is working undercover, using false personality and the latest technology. NCIS includes Special Agent G. Callen, a former leatherneck Sam Hanna, who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq, Special Agent Kensi Blye and a psychologist Nate Getz. This small squad relies on each other and ready to do everything to protect national interests.



Fringe (season 4)

25,734 views Comments (23)

Fringe Season 4

22 episodes

A young FBI agent Olivia Dunham is forced to work with staff scientists to investigate unexplained phenomenons. There is a Dr. Walter Bishop among the employees of this secret department of the National Security. He is something average between Einstein and Frankenstein. His son Peter Bishop with an IQ of 200 and with gambling debts, who did not finish school, is also in this secret department.  And there is Nina Sharp, who has worked on a secret organization for 16 years, is in this team. A special agent of NS Phillip Broyles is head this department, designed to investigate the paranormal. (more…)


Psych (season 6)

5,184 views Comments (10)

psych season 6 poster

16 episodes

Shawn Spencer has an amazing ability to observation and excellent memory. His father, police officer, Henry, teaches his son to remember the smallest details that surround him. It is very useful in the future… (more…)