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Rules of Engagement (season 6)

3,875 views Comments (4)


15 episodes

This TV series is about the life of neighbors living at the same entryway. One pair have been together for fifteen years, the other one is just starting their life together. They communicate with each other very well and share their impressions of  family life. The fifth character is an inveterate bachelor. (more…)


Private Practice (season 5)

7,164 views Comments (20)

Private Practice ABC season 5 poster

22 episodes

Dr. Addison Montgomery arrives to Los Angeles and begins a new life. She gets a job at a private clinic and met with their new colleagues. Together, they cure patients,  fall in love, experience the personal problems and hang together. (more…)


90210 (season 4)

18,458 views Comments (18)

90210 The CW poster season 4 2011

24 episodes

This is a remake of the popular TV show of 1990 “Beverly Hills 90210.”  The history of seniors from “Beverly Hills 90210″ school will be continued. Harry Wilson moved from Kansas to Los Angeles with his wife, daughter Annie and son Dixon. The school will have children of different races and religions, and most students will live in a normal (by the standards of a wealthy Beverly Hills) homes, there will be their leaders and outcasts, old issues back with new heroes … (more…)


How I Met Your Mother (season 7)

28,935 views Comments (43)

How I Met Your Mother CBS season 7 2011 poster

24 episodes

“How I Met Your Mother” is a comedy about Ted and about how he fell in love. All problems start with the fact that Ted’s best friend Marshall suddenly announced that he wants to propose marriage to his longtime girlfriend Lily. By that time, Ted understands that he needs to do more, if he really hopes to find true love. His friend a celibate Barney helps him in this quest. When Ted meets Robin, he decides that it is love at first sight, but destiny has something else in stock. (more…)


Gossip Girl (season 5)

26,095 views Comments (36)

Gossip Girl The CW season 5 2011 poster

24 episodes

The fourth season ended up with a heartbreaking decision of Chuck Bass to step away and let Blair start a new princess live with her fianc? Prince Luis. Meanwhile, Serena van der Woodsen got a job in a sunny Los Angeles at one of the most famous director’s. In New York lonely Nate convinces Chuck of going on a breathtaking adventure, while Dan Humphrey’s old friend finds his autobiographical novel “Inside” and gives it in print behind his back. The fifth season starts in Los Angeles when freshened Nate and Chuck decide to visit Serena. As Blair gets back home, she realizes that planning the royal wedding is a quite troublesome matter. Dan faces the results of his gossiping about his close friends. A sudden return of Charlie’s cousin threatens to ruin the van der Woodsen family from the inside. So, it’s getting more interesting to watch the residents of the Upper East Side! In this season no one is going to be safe or happy…XOXO, Gossip Girl.



Desperate Housewives (season 8)

71,854 views Comments (31)

Desperate Housewives ABC season 8 2011 poster

23 episodes

The final season of the popular comedy-drama, which is a favorite of audiences around the world. Will find your true happiness four housewives from Wisteria Lane: Susan Mayer, Lynette Scavo, Bree Van de Kamp and Gabrielle Solis? Will they stay friends? What will happen to each of them? (more…)


The Secret Circle (season 1)

20,030 views Comments (5)

The Secret Circle season 1 poster

22 episodes

Quite and shy High School student Cassie Blake moves with her mother from the sunny California to a gloomy town of New Salem to her grandmother who is excited about mysteries and suspiciously knows a lot about herbs. At first, Cassie misses her house and old friends but soon she meets a group of teenagers who keep the whole school in fear. They accept her to their secret circle and after a special ritual Cassie becomes part of the powerful witch clan. Later. Cassie falls in love and she is supposed to make a difficult choice: to stay with her beloved or to step into the world of black magic, and also choose between the Good and Evil that are divided with a fine line in the magical witch clan. The TV series is based on the book series of the “The Vampire Diaries” author Lisa Jane Smith. (more…)


Castle (season 4)

27,035 views Comments (16)

Castle Season 4

23 episodes

Richard Castle and Kate Beckett – a terrific duet of two totally dissimilar people. They are a great couple. He – a detective, she – a psychologist. Together they reveal the most complicated murder. All this happens with humor and good relations. (more…)


Birdsong (season 1)

5,632 views Comments (12)

Birdsong 2012 poster

2 episodes

Since the first publication of the book has been almost 20 years. In 2003, the book ranked 13th on the list of favorite books of the British. Finally, a novel about World War I Sebastian Faulks “Birdsong” moved on the screen. We will see not only the horrors of World War I in trenches and tunnels under the Somme. We also learn a compelling story of love between Stephen Wraysford and Isabelle Azaire. (more…)


True Blood (season 4)

12,109 views Comments (25)

True Blood 4 season

12 episodes

Vampires are all around. They are behind every corner, under every bed and in every bar. A couple of years ago they have officially stated about their existence and have required recognizing their constitutional rights. Japanese scientists have invented a special fake blood in order to satisfy vampires’ natural needs. The main character is Sookie Stackhouse – a waitress in a suburban cafe who has an ability to read people’s minds. The young and na?ve girl used to work every night getting 10$ + tips before one day she meets a good-looking “nice” vampire Bill Compton. Sookie falls in love with him and immediately makes lots of enemies among the “bad guys”… (more…)