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Need for Speed (2014)

584 views Comments (2)


How do you understand the story here is not from fancy. It’s need for speed, that is the main thing: the car, the speed and adrenaline. Here, the creators have done everything at the highest level. The film can not be called boring. Fast driving, car chases, races and once again chase keep you in constant tension. Some points are made with meticulous attention to detail that simply breathtaking. And, unlike long become Pops “Fast and the Furious”, this film does not spit on the laws of physics. All very, very loud him my applause. Someone might say that this film is not worthy of the famous names. This film is not about street racing. I really enjoyed this film instead of reinventing the wheel, looked back and turned his gaze to those forgotten movies about cars and racing. Those classic movies right. And get the film is about cars and racing. What you need from the movie with the same name. Hopefully in the future there will be more such films.



Kingdom (season 1)

13,997 views Comments (17)

Kingdom season 1 DirecTV poster 2014

10 episodes

Kingdom is a raw family drama set against the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in Venice, California. Alvey Kulina owns Navy St. MMA with the help of his girlfriend Lisa Prince. He is willing to go through extraordinary means to make sure his fighters are taken care of, but all of this responsibility comes at a steep price. He has complicated relationships with both of his sons, Jay and Nate, who are both struggling with their own identities and places within Alvey’s life and gym. (more…)


One Tree Hill (season 8)

1,659 views Comments (8)

One Tree Hill The CW poster season 8 2010

22 episodes

Haley is pregnant again, and everyone was happy for her. Nathan decides to quit basketball because of the deterioration of the back. Brooke is arrested after it’s discovered that Victoria and Millicent falsified profits and lied to investors to fund the men’s line “Clothes 4 Bros”. Also, Chase and Alex work together at the bar. (more…)


One Tree Hill (season 6)

1,513 views Comments (6)

One Tree Hill The CW poster season 6 2008

24 episodes

In season 6, our heroes have to make decisions that will change their lives forever! Lucas finally makes a marriage proposal Peyton … Brooke will have to fight for her independence … Mouth determined about working presenter. Dan will try to recoup their sins … (more…)


One Tree Hill (season 5)

1,167 views Comments (6)

One Tree Hill The CW poster season 5 2008

18 episodes

Events this season occur 4 years after graduation, and each of the characters has healed her adult life … Lucas released his first autobiography and was a coach at the school. Peyton works as an assistant in a major music label. Brooke manages his clothing line. Nathan over the years returned to the sport and has achieved much, and now he has a lot of money, a big house in town, a family favorite and promising contract – life was good … (more…)


One Tree Hill (season 4)

1,271 views Comments (5)

One Tree Hill poster season 4 2006

21 episodes

Nathan and Haley have everything seems fine, but the white stripe can easily swap the black, called Rachel … She flirts with Nathan and tries to break his marriage to Haley. Nathan and Haley have plans for the future admission to college. Lucas have hard life without basketball until Peyton and Brooke quarrel over it. He is good to both, but continues to meet with Brooke. (more…)


One Tree Hill (season 3)

1,545 views Comments (6)

One Tree Hill poster season 3 2005

22 episodes

Lucas and Brooke seems to be back together, breaking through the walls that they themselves have built around themselves. But their happiness lasted long. Peyton said that she still had feelings for Lucas. Nathan and Haley start the process of building a relationship again. Deb finally gets rid of Dan and leaves Tree Hill for a while. Rachel Gatina – a new character. It’s ability to intrigue just admire. (more…)


One Tree Hill (season 2)

1,753 views Comments (6)

One Tree Hill poster season 2 2004

23 episodes

Nathan and Haley announced at the end of the first season that they were married. They think to enjoy each other, but things turned out not quite the way they expected. Haley dreams begin to remove them from each other. She starts a musical career with Chris Keller, she leaves Nathan and go on a concert tour in America. Love triangle last season (Lucas – Peyton – Brooke) has finally been resolved, and all three were friends again … (more…)


One Tree Hill (season 1)

3,397 views Comments (2)

One Tree Hill poster season 1 2003

22 episodes

The action takes place in the town Tree Hill in North Carolina. In addition to the love of basketball, it seems that Lucas and Nathan, two young men have nothing in common. Except for the dark secret, lies in the fact that they have the same father. 18 years ago, a budding basketball player Dan Scott was awarded a scholarship at the university, threw his pregnant girl Karen and drove off to study. With basketball career did not work out, but happened with the personal life – Dan married classmate Deb, who bore him another son. Arrogant and cocky Nathan – star basketball team High School Tree Hill. He belongs to the richest family in town. Quiet and brooding Lucas – a loner, the only support of his mother Karen. Lucas has always kept his distance from Nathan. But their lives collide when Lucas went to the team of Nathan. (more…)


Eastbound & Down (season 2)

798 views Comments (3)

Eastbound and down HBO season 2 2010 poster

7 episodes

In season 2 Kenny Powers heads south of the border to lick his wounds and live like an outlaw in Mexico! There he meets new love interest named by Vida – the owner of a Mexican baseball team. Aslo, this season Kenny and Stevie managed to track down Kenny’s father in Mexico. (more…)