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Supernatural (season 3)

12,430 views Comments (10)

Supernatural CW season 3 2007 poster

16 episodes

With the greatest enemy of the human race and the Winchester family Azazel – finished. But the gates of hell have been opened for a while and show called “Apocalypse” has already started – hundreds of demons escaped to freedom, the world is under serious threat. And again, the Winchester brothers have work to do. Dean and Sam, along with Ruby looking for the demon to save Dean. (more…)


Supernatural (season 2)

10,003 views Comments (6)

Supernatural CW season 2 2006 poster

22 episodes

Continuing the hunt for the demon Azazel (aka “Yellow Eyes”) who was killed Winchester’s mom, assisted by other hunters Ellen, Jo and Ash. Sam and Dean find out what is the Azazel’ plan. Sam and the kids like Sam got superabilities. “Yellow Eyes” opens the gates of hell and hundreds of demons break free. Winchester brothers are sent to kill the demons. (more…)


Supernatural (season 1)

15,060 views Comments (6)

supernatural CW season 1 2005 poster

22 episodes

November 2, 1983, when Sam Winchester was an infant, and his older brother Dean was only 4 years old, their mother – Mary Winchester was killed something supernatural. They travel with their father John Winchester in search of a creature that killed Mary. Years later, Dean and Sam are teaming up to find father, who disappeared on the last hunt. Along the way, Sam and Dean hunt supernatural creatures such as ghosts, vampires, ghosts, demons, as taught by their father. Sam and Dean save innocent people, as well as gather information on the whereabouts of their father. (more…)


Fringe (season 3)

4,410 views Comments (10)

Fringe FOX season 3 2010 poster

22 episodes

Olivia is enclosed in a parallel universe after the shocking coincidence. She struggles to get home. Meanwhile, the alternative Olivia is next to the unsuspecting Walter and Peter. In the third season, many events will take place in a parallel reality. How does Olivia will come back from another universe? What will happen to Peter and Walter? (more…)


Fringe (season 2)

4,343 views Comments (14)

Fringe FOX season 2 2009 poster

23 episodes

This season, Olivia returns from the alternate world. She is terribly scared and did not remember anything. Peter and Dr. Walter Bishop try to help her to get the herself. Responses are received, observations are successful, someone’s loyalty will be tested, and the truth will be revealed. (more…)


Fringe (season 1)

5,515 views Comments (11)

Fringe FOX season 1 2008 poster

20 episodes

The series tells about FBI Special Agent Olivia Dunham, mad scientist Walter Bishop and his son Peter, who explore aspects of science such as telepathy, levitation, invisibility, reincarnation, genetic mutation, and so on. In the first season, Olivia convinces Peter that he took his father from a psychiatric hospital. After that, Walter calls his former laboratory. Olivia, Peter and Dr. Bishop will make the first step towards the realization of truth, which is beyond our understanding. (more…)


Dexter (season 5)

3,344 views Comments (17)

Dexter Showtime poster season 5 2010

12 episodes

A terrible crime was committed. Dexter finds the body of his wife Rita in the bathroom. The police begin to gather evidence at the crime scene. After the Rita’ death, Dexter finds a girl named Lumen, which is a surviving victim of the rapist-killer. Together they are hunting for a gang of killers. (more…)


Dexter (season 4)

2,750 views Comments (2)

Dexter Showtime season 4 2009 poster

12 episodes

Dexter becomes a father. He cradles her son Harrison, telling him about his secret, that he kills people. Dexter is trying to independently investigate the case of the Trinity Killer. However, Dexter is getting more and more information, realizes that he and the “Trinity” have a lot in common. Meanwhile, Debra and Anton begin to live together. (more…)


Dexter (season 3)

4,195 views Comments (11)

Dexter Showtime poster season 3 2008

12 episodes

In the third season of Dexter there is a real friend – Attorney Miguel Prado, who soon finds out about the murders, and decides to use Dexter for his own purposes. Dexter marries Rita, who is expecting his child. (more…)


Heroes (season 4)

6,222 views Comments (8)

Heroes poster NBC season 4 2009

19 episodes

In the fourth season, there is a group of artists traveling circus, led by Samuel Sullivan. Each member of the group (who calls themselves a family) has special abilities. Samuel is obsessed with the idea to expand the family, thereby increasing the power of own ability. He involves to the family a new members, among which are Hiro Nakamura, Claire Bennet and Sylar. Samuel wants to build a new world for her family, a world in which people with abilities will be able to live openly with all other people. (more…)