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Day of the Mummy (2014)

1,197 views Comments (3)

Day-of-the-Mummy-UK-SleeveWell-known multimillionaire offered to the protagonist a deal. If main character will find the key to the trunk that he sent to him, millionaire will give a check on a tremendous amount to him. This suggestion hardly knocked down our hero, he collects a team and sets forth for an expedition. On arrival into a place the group of researchers faced with local people,who advise not to walk in the tombs of pharaohs, but avidity is the uncontrolled feeling. Archaeological group didn’t listen to anybody and go down under pyramids. It will become the last adventure for them, in a fact mummies are living in the tombs and they will not release the victims so easily.



Predestination (2014)

1,813 views Comments (1)

Predestination_posterThe main character of the film lived a completely normal life until a stange man in a hat with a suitcase appears in her life. He spoke calmly and convincingly cited facts from her life that no one could know, except our heroine. It turns out that this man is an goverment agent from the future who returned into the 60s to recruit her into the ranks of the secret services. After the discovery of the truth our heroine goes into the future and can not get over it for long time, but government agents need to do a lot. It turns out that the agents are looking for a dangerous criminal who terrorizes New York by strong explosions. They returns to the past and prevent a terrorist attack. The offender can not catch this one, he always eludes at the last moment. And only our heroine can help the agents to capture this maniac. If they catch him before the next disaster, they will be able to save millions of lives.



How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)

1,413 views Comments (10)


The world that we see implemented by 110%. Wonderful views of the mountains and forests interspersed with vast expanses of cloud operations. Just inimitably traced dragons, which are distinguished by their unique charisma that could fall in love with probably any viewer of small to large. If the first part there were many, and the ability to keep everything in the frame and pay attention to all struck in the second picture winged reptile has become many times more. And the ability to keep everything, and everything is not only not vanished, it has improved, observing, for example, the main characters, you can easily look them behind his back, where there are their mini events. The picture quality is really amazing. The script perfectly outlines the line that is the story. It is not lost and does not stand still, we are presented with events that replace themselves one after the other, alternating funny antics dragons, with a breathtaking flight line and deep drama.



The Wolf of Wall Street (2014)

3,476 views Comments (6)

The Wolf of Wall Street 2013 Poster

The Wolf of Wall Street is a black comedy film that based on a biography of Jordan Belfort. For the first time we see him as an usual and moderate guy, who try to find his own path into the future of big business. When Jordan get acquainted with Mark Hanna (his boss in L.F. Rothschild company) he learned everything how to make money easely. After that he appears as a genius stock-brocker who made a millions on a gullible people. Almost 7 years Jordan was selling penny stocks to them, he earned approximately $110 millions for this period. But in 1998 he went to prison involving crime and corruption.