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Titanic (season 1)

5,139 views Comments (16)

Titanic season 1

4 episodes

Titanic is a TV show that is based on the death of the Titanic. The plot is unchanged… A huge international liner Titanic crashed when faced with an iceberg on its first voyage. This drama will be released in April 2012. By the way, there will be exactly one hundred years since the disaster in April 2012.


Eastbound & Down (season 3)

4,043 views Comments (12)

eastbound and down season 3 2012 poster

8 episodes

Baseball player Kenny, who had to leave the sport because of their terrible nature. He is back to his hometown, works as physical education teacher at the local school. But no matter what, he still hopes to return to the big-time sports. (more…)


Up All Night (season 1)

2,925 views Comments (14)

Up All Night 1 season

24 episodes

Family comedy about the relationship between parents and children. The main character Reagan – a mother has to work and take care of the family. (more…)


Psych (season 6)

5,176 views Comments (10)

psych season 6 poster

16 episodes

Shawn Spencer has an amazing ability to observation and excellent memory. His father, police officer, Henry, teaches his son to remember the smallest details that surround him. It is very useful in the future… (more…)


Justified (season 3)

12,499 views Comments (27)

Justified Season 3 2012 poster

13 episodes

Continuation of the history of the U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens. He contemporary cop, still adheres to old-fashioned views on justice. Raylan has in his arsenal some very convincing arguments – among them, a deadly sense of humor, Glock and, of course, a cowboy hat. Because of his strict moral code Givens has long been a target for criminals and for colleagues. (more…)


Being Human (season 1, 2)

6,846 views Comments (16)

Being Human US season 2 poster

13 episodes, complete season 1

Being Human is an American remake of British series of the same name created by the channel BBC. In a small house in Boston under the same roof live friends Aidan and Josh. Their lives are different from the lives of many others, as Aidan – a vampire, and Josh – a werewolf. Plus, they move to the house in which lives a ghost of a girl named Sally, who died under mysterious circumstances. (more…)


CSI: Miami (season 10)

14,407 views Comments (55)

CSI Miami Season 10

19 episodes

Miami can be called a paradise. There are the warm, gentle sea, the bright sun on the friendly blue sky, white soft sand and the cries of seagulls there … However, terrible and brutal crimes are committed in this beautiful place. For this reason, one of the most wonderful parts of our planet has a team of professional criminalists, headed by Lieutenant Horatio Caine. All team members are smart, young, beautiful and able to deal with even the most confused crime. They are looking for the criminal trail with the tenacity and  find it surely.  (more…)


One Tree Hill (season 9)

14,087 views Comments (23)

One Tree Hill The CW poster season 9 2012

13 episodes

It seems that Lucas and Nathan have nothing in common besides the passion for basketball. But they have a common secret, that they have the same father. Arrogant and assured Nathan is the star of the basketball team of high school and a member of the wealthiest family in town. Quiet and thoughtful Lucas is a loner, the only child of a single mother. He always kept his distance from Nathan. But their lives collide when Lucas goes to the team of Nathan.



Bent (season 1)

2,933 views Comments (4)

bent nbc season 1 poster

6 episodes

Comedy about a recently divorced woman Alex Meyers. She is also a single mother. Her daughter’s name is Frankie. Alex hires builder Pete Riggins to repair the house. Pete is a great womanizer. Alex is desperate to keep her sexuality to please him. (more…)


Californication (season 5)

114,067 views Comments (43)

Californication Showtime season 5 2012 poster

12 episodes

Series Californication is a useful guide: what will people do and what will it be? Hank Moody (actor D. Duchovny) is the protagonist of Californication. Moody is a gifted famous novelist, who fights crisis of inspiration. Lack of creativeness made him offset by drugs, alcohol, and pretty ladies, he can’t stop yielding to every temptation. Convincing frankness, perfect humor and brilliant charisma brought him to California and its beauty. But he is a loving dad for his young daughter, and he still loves her mother. Actress Natalie Zia takes part in this season. According to the plot, she will play Hank’s new love. Soon we’ll figure out how serious it is.