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Being Human UK (season 4)

4,055 views Comments (3)

Being Human UK Season 4 2012 poster

8 episodes

A vampire, a werewolf and a ghost live at the same house. Vampire trying not to eat people, but he is not very successful. Werewolf is suffering because of that, in what he turns into a full moon, and each time he try to hold it so that no one was hurt. Ghost  is a bit strange and whimsical substance that cleans the house, preparing tea, and even some people can see it. More …


Luck (season 1)

4,251 views Comments (13)

Luck Season 1

9 episodes

Luck – horse racing drama from HBO. A look at the horse racing and gambling in the light of the various characters. A look at the horse racing and gambling in the light of the various characters. The main character Chester Bernstein (Dustin Hoffman) – a smart and tough man who has always been associated with passion, whether it’s bookmaking and money laundering or casinos. He just recently released from prison, and combined with Gus (Dennis Farina), his former chauffeur to crank out a new little business. They hire Turo Escalante (John Ortiz), a successful coach with a nasty reputation. More …


Archer (season 3)

7,590 views Comments (20)

archer season 3 poster

13 episodes

Events of animated comedy “Archer” are unfolding at the  international spy agency INMB, in which global crisis are onlyan excuse for agents to compete among themselves, applying the LIE, treason and other nasty tricks. The main hero of a TV series is the worst-spy in the world – Sterling Archer. He is known for his addiction to booze and ladies, and also indescribable narcissism and not a very brave call sign “The Duchess.” More …


Skins (season 6)

21,916 views Comments (8)

Skins Season 6

10 episodes

Serial Skins  is a  British teen series about a group of teenagers from Bristol. Serial Skins realistically shows  the life in modern English youth, affecting such matters as the intrafamily problems, mental illness, sexual identity, alcohol and drug addiction, disease and death. As producers of  the 6th season of Skins we will again see  well known Toby Welch and Neil Duncan. And Welch and Duncan are not newcomers to the series Skins.

More …


Southland (season 4)

5,852 views Comments (14)

Southland Season 4 2012 poster

10 episodes

“Southland” is a police drama. There is no chic and luxury, despite the fact that the action takes place in Los Angeles, and no police-superhero, investigating crimes century there. We show the usual routine work of the cops who have to travel to any event here. But despite the seeming prose, “Southland” is tight and dynamic series, in which each character, whether novice Ben Sherman or cynical veteran John Cooper, has own view, history and his own truth. More …


The River (season 1)

7,134 views Comments (2)

The River Season 1 poster

8 episodes

Horror was shot in pseudo-style of the movie “Paranormal Activity”. Famous researcher Dr. Emmet Cole goes deep into the Amazon, and disappears. Six months later, his son Lincoln, along with a team of friends sets out to find his father…  Steven Spielberg is one of the producers of the TV show. More …


Pretty Little Liars (season 2)

26,192 views Comments (21)

Pretty Little Liars ABC Family poster season 2 2011

25 episodes

Sequel of the adventures of 4 good friends: Aria, Emily, Spenser and Hanna. Lots of secrets are already revealed, however, it’s still unknown who is that mysterious “A”. There is no doubt that in season 2 “A” will be of crucial interest for the girls. More …


The Walking Dead (season 2)

26,522 views Comments (39)

The Walking Dead Season 2

13 episodes

Center for Disease Control exploded. All survivors are sent to a Herschel Green’s farm.  Meanwhile, relations in a love triangle Rick Grimes – Lori Grimes – Shane Walsh is heating up to the limit. Relations are especially exacerbated by the fact that Laurie is pregnant. More …


Star Wars: The Clone Wars (season 4)

19,400 views Comments (18)

Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 4

22 episodes

Favorite characters: Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Padme Amidala are  at the forefront of an intergalactic war between Good and Evil again. And such villains as Palpatine, Count Dooku and Gen. Grievous are poised to seizure of the galaxy. Grand Army of the Republic, led by Yoda, Mace Windu, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and other Jedi Knights. , fights against the New Droid Army of the Separatists. Stakes are high, and the fate of Universe depends on the Jedi Knights.  More …


Californication (season 1)

10,020 views Comments (12)

californication season 1 poster

12 episodes

The talented and once-famous writer Hank Moody is going through a creative crisis. The lack of inspiration, he more than compensates for alcohol, drugs and beautiful women. An appealing directness, a sense of humor and bright charisma attracted to him the heart of Californian beauties. But his heart was busy – he loves his 13-year-old daughter Becca, and still in love in her mom… More …