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Wilfred (season 1)

3,409 views Comments (8)

Wilfred FX season 1 2011 poster

13 episodes

This is the story of manic depressive man who inexplicably is the only one man who can see a dog of his neighbor, as a grown man dressed as a dog. More …


Eureka (season 5)

4,320 views Comments (10)

eureka season 5 SyFy 2012 poster

13 episodes

Cable channel SyFy extended TV series Eureka for a fifth season. Eureka is a constant participant SyFy, while maintaining its excellent cast and a perfect blend of drama, comedy and attractions. The idea of the show is like the viewers of all ages. Eureka is the city of most brilliant scientists and simply a paradise for every citizen. More …


Gossip Girl (season 4)

4,694 views Comments (10)

Gossip Girl The CW season 4 2010 poster

22 episodes

Blair spends a remarkable summer in Paris, not knowing that her former lover was shot. But no matter how much Blair did not try to distract themselves from pain caused by Chuck, his mysterious appearance in Paris in the company of beautiful women make again to look at what happened. Meanwhile, Serena enjoys again a lonely Parisian summer of love in the company of two guys, trying to escape from the imminent decision on its long-time lovers Nate and Dan. On the Upper East Side Nate meets a mysterious girl named Juliet, who helps him to understand that sexual conquests of the summer with a small black Chuck’s booklet, it was only an attempt to escape from unresolved feelings for Serena. The drama with the Georgina baby and Dan continues. A van der Woodsen home buzzing with preparations for an upcoming fashion event “Fashion’s Night Out”. More …


Episodes (season 2)

4,196 views Comments (18)

episodes showtime season 2 2012 poster

9 episodes

Husband and wife writers Sean and Beverly Lincoln received a tempting offer to make an American version of the successful British series. Full of hopes for a new happy life under the hot sun of Los Angeles, they are still not aware that  Hollywood machine of creation a TV show prepares them. “Episodes” was the weakest link in the rating in the Sunday lineup Showtime, but even so it is extended for a second season.

More …


The Firm (season 1)

13,435 views Comments (12)

The Firm Season 1 poster

22 episodes

«The Firm» – TV series, which is a continuation of the same movie in 1993. The movie was the adaptation of the novel by American writer John Grisham. Starring Tom Cruise. In the story, the action series taking place 10 years after the events of the film. Lawyer Mitch McDeere who passed all his colleagues to police, is protected under the federal witness protection program. However, after a while, he realizes that escape from the past is not easy. More …


Rome (season 2)

10,501 views Comments (31)

Rome HBO poster season 2 2007

10 episodes

Gaul was again swallowed by the war. The reason for that was the policy. The fact that Caesar wants to have success in the political career, and he wants to win the most important battle for Rome. All his efforts become questionable when he’s on the way there, Pompeii. Caesar needs any ways to defeat a strong opponent, so he asks for help from the Senate. In support, the Senate decides to use Gnemon – shield that can beat the Caesar. The commander understands that the situation in the arena is not the best way, but hands down he is not going. Due to its popularity, it can easily win the right fight. Only the Senate begins to think of evil plan against Caesar behind him. More …


Modern Family (season 2)

4,660 views Comments (36)

Modern Family ABC season 2 2010 poster

24 episodes

Modern Family is a pseudo documentary look at the complex life and love of great family. Dunphys family falls into nostalgia, when Phil Dunphy is going to get rid of the old station wagon. Cameron Tucker asks Jay Pritchett to intervene, because Mitchell is going to build a castle for Lily. Manny invites a girl who makes Gloria nervous. More …


Awkward (season 1)

9,948 views Comments (8)

Awkward MTV season 1 2011 poster

12 episodes

Probably many of us do not remember a time when our head fell awkward age, with all its delights and drawbacks. Someone will remember from your school days prom, first kiss, drinking alcohol in the gateway or anything else. This TV show, albeit in a slightly exaggerated form, show life is not particularly popular teen Jenna Hamilton, who despite many falls to cope with a difficult school life. Jenna goes from loser to the most popular girl in school. She was not hiding from anybody, and all their problems makes available to the public. And it even helps someone. Peers begin to respect Jenna Hamilton. More …


How to Be a Gentleman (season 1)

2,256 views Comments (2)

how_to_be_a_gentleman_xlg9 episodes

A premier of  TV series “How to be a gentleman” will be on CBS on September 29.  This is a comedy about apedantic young man who tries to understand the science of living together with his classmates. David Hornsby will play a major role. By the way, Hornsby also worked on the story “How to be a gentleman”. The new scenario is created by his same name book, which was released earlier.  The role of David in the creation of the show is invaluable on this basis.

More …


The Legend of Korra (season 1)

9,153 views Comments (21)

The Legend Of Korra Nickelodeon poster season 1 2012

12 episodes

The action of the TV series is set about 70 years after the avatar Aang’s victory over the Lord of Fire. Korra has mastered the magic of water, earth and fire. She must learn the last element- the magic of air. Only son of Aang and Katara – Tenzin could help her in this. Korra lives in a Republic City. Republic City – a place where live all nations together. More …