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Portlandia (season 3)

1,930 views Comments (7)

Portlandia IFC season 3 2013 poster

12 episodes

In the new season, winter arrives and a number of inhabitants warm up to some cold-weather projects, including Peter and Nance, who strike pasta from their diet to keep down their weight, and the proprietors of Stu’s Stews food cart, who try to stir up business as the weather gets chillier. In other goings-on, Candice’s son visits the bookstore; and Bryce and Lisa’s newly opened Outlet Hotel offers a getaway package. More …


Guys With Kids (season 1)

4,647 views Comments (2)

Guys with Kids season 1 NBC poster 2012

17 episodes

Is there sex after marriage? Everyone knows that sex is passionate at the honeymoon,  and it is  not very much a couple of years. But there is a way. Jason and Julie decide to have a child, but only stay friends.  The baby is ready ten minutes , nine months later. And Jason rush for smart brunette, and Julie met with brutal German. But is it the true that kids is not a hindrance for sex?

More …


Heroes (season 1)

14,394 views Comments (16)

Heroes NBC poster season 1 2006

23 episodes

The series tells the story of the people who does not stand out among the rest, while they don’t awaken the incredible abilities: telepathy, the ability to fly, the ability to travel through time and space, the ability to copy others, emit radiation and others. Soon, these people realize that they will have a crucial role in preventing the accident, which could carry the lives of many millions of people and changed the world forever. More …


Matroesjka’s (Matrioshki) (season 2)

19,612 views Comments (1)

Matroesjka's season 2 2008 poster

10 episodes

Three years have passed since Ray Van Mechelen and Eddy Stoefs were sent to jail. Having served their sentence, they are released back into the world completely unreformed. Ready to return to their lucrative business, the pair discovers that their pal, Jan Verplancke, has taken off with their entire savings and is now running a strip-bar in Pattaya, Thailand. Jan has also carved out a profitable business for himself, exporting Thai girls to Belgium. However, what he doesn?t know is that on the other side of the world, his former friends are looking for vengeance after being double-crossed. More …


Black Mirror (season 1-2)

13,862 views Comments (12)

Black Mirror E4 poster

3 episodes

Martha and Ash are a young couple who move to a remote cottage, where Ash’s parents used to live. Ash is a big user of social media, tapping away on his phone, just a bit too much. Martha doesn’t really mind, she loves him and they’re looking forward to their new life together. The day after the move, Ash is killed, returning the hire van. At the funeral, Sarah, a friend of Martha’s, tells her about a new service that lets you stay in touch with the deceased. By using all his past online communications and social media profiles, a new ‘Ash’ can be created – disarmingly ‘real’ and a help to a grieving partner. Martha is disgusted by the concept and wants nothing to do with it. More …


Bunheads (season 1)

3,202 views Comments (15)

bunheads ABC Family season 1 2013 poster

18 episodes

Michelle Simms – a dancer from Las Vegas, who impulsively married and moved to the coastal city. At the new place she takes a difficult role in mother-in-law’s dance school! More …


Ripper Street (season 1)

11,176 views Comments (11)

Ripper Street BBC 2013 season 1 poster

8 episodes

The series tells about the events of 1899 in London, after the murders committed by Jack The Ripper. It’s about the division of detectives who were trying to track down the mysterious killer. A young woman is found brutally murdered, the hallmark signs of the Ripper upon her. One time H Division boss, Chief Inspector Frederick Abberline believes it Jack’s return, but Reid – the precinct’s new man in charge – suspects a different evil at work. When Jackson learns that Long Susan’s girls have been drawn into the murky world of Victorian pornography, the team must use all of their brawn, brains and brilliance to track down the fiend responsible before another girl is killed. More …


CSI: NY (season 9)

8,561 views Comments (20)

csi ny cbs season 9 2012

17 episodes

The CSI’s investigate when a fire chief – a friend of Mac’s – is killed in a blaze that used the same technique as a recently paroled arsonist. The CSI’s rush to stop serial arsonist Leonard Brooks after he begins using fire against people from his dark past. More …


Suits (season 2)

34,251 views Comments (41)

suits season 2 2012 USA poster

16 episodes

Channel USA Network has announced the dates of their TV series returns to the screens. Thus, the legal drama “Suits” return with a second season on Thursday, June 14. In the first season Harvey risks and hires Mike: Man with natural talent and a photographic memory. Thus one of the most controversial, but the most brilliant tandems in Manhattan was born in such way. What are we interested in Season 2? More …


Necessary Roughness (season 2)

1,863 views Comments (1)

necessary roughness USA season 2 2012 poster

16 episodes

Therapist’s personal life with the Long Island falls apart when she discovers that her husband was cheating on her. To somehow distracted, Dr. Danny Santino with his head immersed in work and soon became the most popular therapist in a very well-known personalities. Among her clients – athletes, artists, politicians and other people living in the spotlight. All of them believe that only her unique method of therapy to help them in hard moments of crisis. And now, quarry has become a serious impediment in her family relationships, because it is so hard – to be a single mother of two teenage children. More …