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Alphas (season 2)

12,080 views Comments (10)

Alphas Syfy season 2 2012 poster

13 episodes

Five people, the so-called “Alphas”, with different super abilities, led by renowned neurologist and psychologist Dr. Lee Rosen continues to solve crimes. Alphas are revealed to the world as super but also human. Their powers make them super. Their choices make them human. More …


Switched at Birth (season 1)

10,425 views Comments (12)

Switched at Birth season 1 poster

30 episodes

The serial is talking about two teenage girls who find out that they had been accidentally mixed at birth and went home to the wrong parents. Bay Kennish grew up in luxury in a prosperous family, while Daphne Waskuez, who lost her hearing at an early childhood because of meningitis, was raised by a lonely mother in poverty. Things are getting tense when two families decide to live together. For the happiness of these girls the two totally different worlds must learn to get along with each other.

More …


Copper (season 1)

7,290 views Comments (5)

Copper BBC America 2012 season 1 poster

10 episodes

In 1864, Kevin Corcoran returns from fighting in the Civil War. Appointed as a New York City police detective, he finds the city full of corruption, class conflict, racial tension and violence. The main events take place in the Five Points Irish neighborhood of New York City. More …


Boss (season 2)

8,579 views Comments (18)

boss starz season 2 2012 poster

10 episodes

Continuation of the history of Chicago Mayor Tom Kane, who was diagnosed with degenerative neurological disorders. This is a realistic fantasy on the theme of power, state, law and conscience. Once again, for the millionth time, we will see that the policy and conscience are not compatible, that democracy and the rule of law – just a sweet bedtime story to voters. Financial interests and the preservation of the system, the most important children’s health and human life in general. More …


Major Crimes (season 1)

9,131 views Comments (13)

Major Crimes TNT season 1 2012 poster

10 episodes

TV show is a spin-off of popular TV series “The Closer.” Now, Captain Sharon Raydor played by Mary McDonnell will be in the center of the story. The premiere show  “Major Crimes” will be held in the summer of 2012. More …


Strike Back (season 3)

19,451 views Comments (14)

Strike Back cinemax season 3 2012 poster

10 episodes

The main plot of the revolves around two main characters. They are a two members of a top-secret intelligence agency known as Section 20: Michael Stonebridge, a British sergeant on the elite counter-terrorism team, and Damien Scott, a former U.S. Damien Scott is a former Delta Force commando whose confidence with a weapon is matched only by his way with women. His cocky style is often at odds with his more staid colleagues, but he always gets the job done. A clear-thinking and reliable soldier, Sgt. Stonebridge brings strategic clout to Section 20. He and his wife Kerry are the picture of a perfect couple, but there’s more going on in his family life than meets the eye. They returned and will be hot. More …


Hell on Wheels (season 2)

9,477 views Comments (23)

Hell on Wheels AMC season 2 2012 poster

10 episodes

In the center of the narrative – a former Confederate Army soldier Cullen Bohannon. He takes revenge on the killers of his wife and does so in a very cynical and cruel manner. Cullen – a strong and charismatic personality. Such as it is either just really respect or hate. On his way Bohannan finds true friends and worst enemies. Events unfold against the backdrop of the railway construction. And the road itself – not just a decoration, but rather another hero, and not the least important. It is a symbol of the hopes, aspirations, courage, hard work, new beginnings … More …


Strike Back (season 1)

7,434 views Comments (8)

strike back sky season 1 poster

6 episodes

American journalist captured in Iraq. The terrorists are demanding a ransom. Nation frozen in suspense. This is a place where the two  fate of former soldiers come together again. Behind Hugh Collinson and John Porter – the years of rivalry and revenge. Seven years ago, the same story with the hostages, who could not save John Porter, kicked him out of the army … and of a normal life. Now, years later, he is again in the Middle East, leading the rescue operation of the journalist. Will he redeem himself and save the hostages at this time?
More …


Louie (season 3)

2,067 views Comments (7)


13 episodes

Louis C. K ilouie FX season 3 2012 posters one of the funniest stand-up comedians. In the TV show, he does not hesitate to say in his speeches at the strangest theme. Situation, as he himself says, though fictitious, but based on actual observations and experiences. Louis constantly jokes on himself. He realizes that he is not 20 years old, he divorced, not handsome, have children, and he does not pursue a life – he just living. He tries to meet with other women, trying to be a good father, good friend and a funny comedian. He was a great experience and failure, and turns these things into a comedy of life … More …


The L.A. Complex (season 1, 2)

6,658 views Comments (7)

the LA Complex CW season 1 poster

13 episodes  season 2

Six young people: actors, dancer, producer and comedian – come to Hollywood to achieve recognition, to become known, to conquer the top of show business. However, they do not live in mansions in the Hollywood Hills. They live in a motel, where renting a small apartment. Each of them in his home town was either a star or a budding young talent. But such as they are, in Los Angeles – hundreds of thousands. They will meet on the way a lot of difficulties, but the conquest of Hollywood’s worth it. Personal life is also not standing still: the heroes have affairs with each other and break the heart … More …