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Strike Back (season 1)

7,475 views Comments (8)

strike back sky season 1 poster

6 episodes

American journalist captured in Iraq. The terrorists are demanding a ransom. Nation frozen in suspense. This is a place where the two  fate of former soldiers come together again. Behind Hugh Collinson and John Porter – the years of rivalry and revenge. Seven years ago, the same story with the hostages, who could not save John Porter, kicked him out of the army … and of a normal life. Now, years later, he is again in the Middle East, leading the rescue operation of the journalist. Will he redeem himself and save the hostages at this time?
More …


Louie (season 3)

2,069 views Comments (7)


13 episodes

Louis C. K ilouie FX season 3 2012 posters one of the funniest stand-up comedians. In the TV show, he does not hesitate to say in his speeches at the strangest theme. Situation, as he himself says, though fictitious, but based on actual observations and experiences. Louis constantly jokes on himself. He realizes that he is not 20 years old, he divorced, not handsome, have children, and he does not pursue a life – he just living. He tries to meet with other women, trying to be a good father, good friend and a funny comedian. He was a great experience and failure, and turns these things into a comedy of life … More …


The L.A. Complex (season 1, 2)

6,670 views Comments (7)

the LA Complex CW season 1 poster

13 episodes  season 2

Six young people: actors, dancer, producer and comedian – come to Hollywood to achieve recognition, to become known, to conquer the top of show business. However, they do not live in mansions in the Hollywood Hills. They live in a motel, where renting a small apartment. Each of them in his home town was either a star or a budding young talent. But such as they are, in Los Angeles – hundreds of thousands. They will meet on the way a lot of difficulties, but the conquest of Hollywood’s worth it. Personal life is also not standing still: the heroes have affairs with each other and break the heart … More …


MythBusters (season 10)

4,489 views Comments (10)

MythBusters poster

14 episodes

In our life there are many different legends, superstitions, Internet based rumors and other myths. The experts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman to prove or disprove all of these stories, and what follows from this, you can see in each issue of the program … More …


Sinbad (season 1)

14,658 views Comments (7)

sinbad sky bbc season 1 2012 poster

12 episodes

The TV Show about sea adventures of Sinbad (Elliot Knight), who forced to leave his hometown Basra on the ship “Providence”, after the death of his beloved brother. Sinbad are coming epic quest to get rid of the curse imposed on his grandmother and the search of his destiny. In addition to Sinbad on board the ship met a strange group of travelers, who brought together by fate. This is a silent Norwegian sailor Gunnar, flexible jewelry thief Rina, haughty Nala, an eccentric Cook, and the ship’s doctor Anwar. More …


Strike Back (season 2)

11,257 views Comments (14)

Strike Back cinemax season 2 poster 2011

10 episodes

British sergeant Michael Stonebridge recruits help from Ex-Delta Force operative Damien Scott when Section 20 agent John Porter is kidnapped by a Pakistani terrorist Latif. Led by Colonel Eleanor Grant “Sector 20″ quickly realizes that only one man, a former U.S. Delta Force soldier Damien Scott can find Latif. The two then uncover clues to a possible terrorist attack at a New Delhi hotel and race to foil it.

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Parade’s End (season 1)

3,600 views Comments (18)

Parades End BBC season 1 2012 poster

5 episodes

At sunset Edwardian Christopher Tietjens becomes destructive marriage to the beautiful but treacherous socialite Sylvia. Christopher decides to be faithful to his wife for life, despite her infidelity. But in his life, as if a ray of light breaks a fearless young suffragette Valentine. Transferring us from the glittering salons of high society of London in the trenches on the battlefields of France, “Parade’s End,” marks a turning point of the last century, when confidence in the future has disappeared, and the fate changed forever. More …


Awkward (season 2)

47,894 views Comments (24)

Awkward MTV poster season 2 2012

12 episodes

TV series “Awkward” is about fifteen year old Jenna, which goes from loser to the most popular girl in school. A girl is injured but still alive. She is not hiding from anybody, and all her problems makes public. And it even helps someone. However, many people believe that Jenna wanted to commit suicide. More …


Wilfred (season 2)

6,877 views Comments (20)

Wilfred FX Season 2 poster

13 episodes

Ryan Newman – a loser, and even have tried a couple of times to end suicide. But suddenly one morning in front of his appears charming door neighbor, who asks him to look after the dog while in her home poison bugs. It seems that this is a common dog, but Ryan sees it as a man dressed in a dog’s suit. And all the others, oddly enough, they see a normal, albeit annoying, dog. Dog’s name is Wilfred and he, like a philosopher, says the strange thoughts. More …


Perception (season 1)

7,309 views Comments (12)

Perception TNT poster season 1 2012

10 episodes

Dr. Daniel Pierce is the talented but eccentric neuroscientist, who was invited the FBI to assistin the investigation of the most difficult cases. Dr. Pierce workes closely with Kate Moretti, a former student, who recruited him to work in FBI. There is also Max Lewicki – the assistant of Dr. Pierce and Natalie Vincent – his best friend in the team. More …