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American Horror Story (season 1)

27,015 views Comments (36)

american horror story season 1

12 episodes

Psychological thriller. The main characters – a therapist (Ben Harmon) and his wife (Vivien Harmon) are going through is not the best stage in their married life. Together with the children they moved to a new house, which seems to know all their fears and phobias. More …


Terra Nova (season 1)

19,236 views Comments (21)

Terra Nova Season 1 poster

13 episodes

An ordinary family goes on a fantastic adventure to the past times on the prehistoric Earth as an experiment of saving the human race. In the year of 2149 the world is dying. The planet is overpopulated and polluted. All the nature is destroyed. Scientific development has led humanity to death but at the same time it is the only thing that can help. Realizing that it is impossible to restore the planet, scientists have come up with a portal to the prehistoric times. This portal leads to an amazing world that can help to save the human race and maybe even change the future on the basis of former mistakes. In the middle of the action is Shannon family that has joined the first emigration wave to Terra Nova, the first human colony on the prehistoric Earth. More …


Homeland (season 1)

34,872 views Comments (50)

Homeland Season 1

12 episodes

This is a story about an American sergeant Scott Brody,  who was captured in 2003 during the invasion to Iraq. Brody, who had long been thought as dead, returns home after eight years in prison.  However, the CIA agent Carrie Anderson is convinced that Scott may be an important link in Al-Qaeda’s plans of infiltration into the U.S.

More …


Dexter (season 6)

13,834 views Comments (20)

Dexter Showtime poster season 6 2011

12 episodes

Dexter Morgan is a smart, prudent and, the main thing about him, a cold-blooded killer who works at the examination department of the Miami police making the blood analysis. The will of killing is running through his veins as he is a predator by nature. But his has a special codex which does not allow him to kill the innocent. At first, Dexter has to prove his wife’s guilt of committing some crime and only after that he will be able to kill her. And so, this is how Dexter lives in his little world until someone who wants to play with him appears. Someone, who can kill people as masterly as him, without leaving any footprints behind. Dexter Morgan gets into the game. Meet the sequel of the American’s chief maniac Dexter Morgan’s story in season 6!

More …


Misfits (season 3)

12,707 views Comments (9)

Misfits Season 3 2011

8 episodes

This story is about young people (Kelly Bailey, Curtis Donovan, Alisha Bailey, Simon Bellamy, Nathan Young) who got superpowers.  TV Serias Misfits was extended for 3 season! This decision of the channel was not unexpected , because ratings of the second season grew with each series. Season 3 will air in autumn 2011. Presumably there will be 8 episodes. And it is exactly known:

- Each character will have new superpowers.
– Robert Sheehan (Nathan) leaves the show.
– In the third season instead of Nathan Young will introduce a new hero – Rudy. About who he was and how he joined the scum we discover from the exclusive miniseries, which will appear in the network before the release of the third season. More …


The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (2011)

5,001 views Comments (2)

The Victorias Secret Fashion Show 2011 poster

November 29 in New York held a grand annual show Victoria’s Secret. The best top models of the world presented a new collection of the legendary American brand. Adriana Lima came to Victoria’s Secret podium for the 11th time! But for Karlie Kloss and Joan Smalls this show was the first. Alessandra Ambrosio has appeared in public with the wings of real gold, weighing 18 kg. Also on the podium went Miranda Kerr and Doutzen Kroes. Guest artists on the show were Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Jay-Z and Maroon 5. More …


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (season 7)

8,503 views Comments (16)

Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 7

13 episodes

Comedy series tells the story of four young friends – Irish pub owners in a depressed area of Philadelphia. Business of the guys is not too successful, but it does not stop them regularly to find adventure on the parts of their body. The main characters of TV show – Mac, Charlie, Dennis and Dee – immoral, unprincipled, politically incorrect and are willing to lie recklessly in order to achieve their goals. Besides constantly “at war” with each other. However, in most cases, these qualities do not bring them any good. As a result, the whole “gang” regularly ranked in the most absurd situations. More …


Burn Notice (season 5)

6,244 views Comments (23)

Burn Notice 5 season

18 episodes

Former spy Michael Westen, who previously worked for the U.S. government continues it’s work in Miami. He is assisted by an FBI agent in retirement  Sam Axe and his ex-girlfriend Fiona Glenanne. More …


Aim High (season 1)

9,464 views Comments (17)

Aim High 1 season

6 episodes

This story is about a young man named Nick Green, who leads a double life. Nick is an ordinary schoolboy in the daytime, and  he is an agent of the government at night. Nick carefully hides a spy part of his life from friends, including the girl of his dreams Amanda Miles. In the struggle for the most popular girl in school, Nick has to face with her jealous boyfriend Derek. More …


Flashpoint (season 4)

17,098 views Comments (30)

Flashpoint 4 season

18 episodes

SRU is Strategic Response Unit. They save hostages, confront gangs, defuse bombs, and solve complex conflict situations. They look to ordinary people. But every corpse they leave behind them, places a heavy burden on their shoulders … More …