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Alcatraz (season 1)

25,519 views Comments (25)

Alcatraz (season 1) tv show poster

13 episodes

A serial from the producer J. J. Abrams (LOST, Fringe, Person of Interest). The story of doctor Diego Soto the best expert in the world on the most famous American prison “Alcatraz” situated on the island next to the San Francisco coast. Soto (Jorge Garcia), a police officer Rebecca Madsen (Sarah Jones) and a government person named Emerson Hauser (Sam Neill) will solve a secret connected with a mysterious disappearance of the Alcatraz prisoners and guards many years ago and their sudden appearance at the non-performing prison (it was closed in 1963). The TV series will uncover some of the secrets and mysteries of the most famous prison in the world.

Original Title: Alcatraz
Country, Channel: USA, FOX
Release Date: January, 16, 2012
Genres: Action, Mystery, Thriller, Drama
Directed by: J.J. Abrams, Jack Bender, Bryan Burk, Elizabeth Sarnoff
Cast:  Sarah Jones, Jorge Garcia, Sam Neill, Parminder Nagra, Robert Forster, Santiago Cabrera, Jonny Coyne, Jason Butler Harner

Runtime: 60 min
Language: English


Episode 1: Pilot (349,1 MB)
Uploaded | Keep2share

Episode 2: Ernest Cobb (349,5 MB)
Uploaded | Keep2share

Episode 3: Kit Nelson (349,6 MB)
Uploaded | Keep2share

Episode 4: Cal Sweeney (349,6 MB)
Uploaded | Keep2share

Episode 5: Guy Hastings (349,7 MB)
Uploaded | Keep2share

Episode 6: Paxton Petty (349,9 MB)
Uploaded | Keep2share

Episode 7: Johnny McKee (349,9 MB)
Uploaded | Keep2share

Episode 8: Clarence Montgomery (350,7 MB)
Uploaded | Keep2share

Episode 9: The Ames Brother (349,5 MB)
Uploaded | Keep2share

Episode 10: Clarence Montgomery (349,3 MB)
Uploaded | Keep2share

Episode 11: Webb Porter (346,3 MB)
Uploaded | Keep2share

Episode 12: Garrett Stillman (334,1 MB)
Uploaded | Keep2share

Episode 13: Tommy Madsen (334,0 MB)
Uploaded | Keep2share

Trailer of the First Season

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  • guest007

    I would like to have the ep 13 to reload…can’t download it tks

  • Guest

    episode 1 is not available anymore on Uploaded… didn’t check the others



  • Rudyn79

    many episode not available on uploded



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  • Samila_toma

    love the show…but its kinna complicated though…

    Keep up the awesome work..JJ

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    episode 5 not available on uploaded

  • same for asfile, can this be fixed? please!

  • nothings’s changed. page not found for all episodes using ASFile. Please help, Thanks in advance!!!



  • joost Verhage

    episode 10 not available on uploaded



  • Bob frank

    when does season 2 start>

  • CFay

    It doesn’t, it was cancelled unfortunately.

  • Caz Moren

    Could you kindly reload episode 1 as it is not downloading correctly. Many thanks

  • DEN


  • Caz Moren

    As requested below would be grateful if you could reload episode 1 as I am not able to download it. Many thanks

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    try again download…

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