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American Assassin (2017)

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American Assassin (2017) movie poster

The protagonist of the movie “American Assassin” Mitch Ripp – in his teens he remained an orphan: a terrible accident in which his parents car crashed into a gasoline tanker, broke the fate of the boy. He became very tough, disobedient and had serious problems with discipline. But in his life, a girl appears. The guy falls in love and decides to make a sweetheart proposal, but the girl dies during a terrorist attack in one of the Asian countries, where the couple went to spend their vacation. He is seized with a thirst for revenge for everyone who is involved in the terrorist operation. He learns the skills of using weapons and goes to take revenge. The hero destroys one of the organizers of terror and falls into the hands of the CIA. But he is offered to learn how to continue to destroy the enemy, but already in the ranks of the CIA.

Original Title: American Assassin
Country: USA, Hong Kong
Release Date: 2017
Genres: Action, Thriller
Creator: Stephen Schiff, Michael Finch, CBS Films, Lionsgate, Di Bonaventura Pictures
Cast: Dylan O’Brien, Charlotte Vega, Christopher Bomford, Chris Webster, Shahid Ahmed, Buster Reeves, Nick Cavaliere, Simon Connolly, Yousef ‘Joe’ Sweid, Joost Janssen, Adam Collins, Trevor White, Sanaa Lathan, Jeff Davis, David Suchet

Runtime: 112 min
Language: English, Italian, Arabic, Polish, Turkish, Persian


Quality: BluRay 1080p
Resolution: 1280 x 544
Audio: AC-3, 348 Kbps
Video: x264, 3058 kbps
Size: 1.70 GB



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