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Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

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Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) movie poster

Humanity is on the edge of extinction. Altron – an artificial intellect that was previously created to protect the Earth from any threats, finds people more dangerous. The international organization is not able to cope with the enemy, so it asks for help of Avengers – the heroes of the Earth.

Original Title: Avengers: Age of Ultron
Country: USA
Release Date: April 23, 2015
Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Director:  Joss Whedon
Cast: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo

Runtime: 141 min
Language: English

Quality: BrRip 1080p
Resolution: 1080 x 720
Audio: AC-3, 198 Kbps
Video: MPEG-4, 17560 Kbps
Size: 1,64 GB



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  • Yandi Eko

    canyou share the quality image BD RIP man?so im not waste my time if already download this movie.

  • fj098

    You can download as a small resolution and in good quality

  • Chris Mills

    BD Rip is cinema recording – do you have better copy?
    Can all cinema recordings be labelled so we can choose best quality before download?

  • Chris Mills

    both copies are cinema recordings :(

  • fj098

    Sorry the quality is what happens and fill excuse us

  • dolphin

    can u pls upload Avengers Age of Ultron again Keep 2 Share File

  • RivalNoX

    Hi, fixed! Enjoy!