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Between (season 2)

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Between (season 2) tv show poster

6 episodes

The main idea of the story is a catastrophe with the human factor. Here we can see a small town, which was addicted to a rare disease. There live only children and people at the age of 20. When they reach a 22 years, they are wiped out. The reason of such acts cannot be discussed. But the scientists notice a vacuum, which influenced on people and they warn all the inhabitants and everything will be okay.

Original Title: Between
Country, Channel: Canada, Netflix
Release Date: 2016
Genres: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Creator: Michael McGowan
Cast: Jennette McCurdy, Jesse Carere, Ryan Allen, Justin Kelly, Kyle Mac, Jack Murray, Brooke Palsson, Shailyn Pierre-Dixon, Jordan Todosey, Jim Watson, Krystal Hope Nausbaum, Jesse Bostick, Abigail Winter, Shailene Garnett, Canute Gomes, Sarah Podemski, Samantha Munro, Rosemary Dunsmore, Rebecca Liddiard, Wesley Morgan

Runtime: 45 min
Language: English


Episode 1: (395,49 MB)
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Episode 2: (368,74 MB)
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Episode 3: (369,07 MB)
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Episode 4: (367,97 MB)
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Episode 5: (377,64 MB)
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Episode 6: (377,29 MB)
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  • biil

    Season 1?

  • fj098

    on our site there are also the first season, use search

  • Correna Warrener

    Hi there can i please have E3-6 of between reloaded in keep2share. Thanks in advance.

  • RivalNoX

    Hi, done. Have fun!