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Campfire Kiss (2017)

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Campfire Kiss (2017) movie poster

Feeling disconnected with her teenage son, a protective mother decides to step outside of her comfort zone and take him camping. But as soon as she arrives, she begins butting heads with her handsome cabin neighbor, a single father and outdoorsman who is also in search of a connection with his teen daughter. Friction soon sparks a flame as these opposites attract. Stars Danica McKellar and Paul Greene.

Original Title: Campfire Kiss
Country: USA
Release Date: 2017
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Creator: James Head
Cast: Danica McKellar, Paul Greene, Marcus Zane Carvalho, Kendall Cross, Graeme Duffy, Karen Holness, Denise Jones, Dylan Kingwell, Barbara Niven, Whitney Peak, Taylor Dianne Robinson, Ali Skovbye

Runtime: 88 min
Language: English


Quality: HDTV
Resolution: 720 x 480
Audio: AC-3, 198 Kbps
Video: MPEG-4, 515 Kbps
Size: 348,38 MB



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