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Skins (season 5)

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Skins (season 5) tv show poster

8 episodes

There’s Mini the leader whose strong exterior and controlling nature hides a vulnerable young girl. Liv, Mini’s second in command, a clumsy but beautiful party animal with a big heart. Grace, who seems pure as the driven snow, but even her best friends don’t really know her. And into this group of best mates crashes Franky: super-intelligent, strange and androgynous. The universe bends to her difference and weirdness, and so do these girls – eventually. Then there are the boys. Rich – a cynical metal-head who will never compromise. His best mate Alo – farmer-boy, pot-head, porn connoisseur. Nick, Mini’s boyfriend, is captain of the rugby team. He’s good-looking, popular, arrogant and unhappy. And Matty, who fits the bill of the tall, dark and handsome outsider. But is Matty all that he seems or does he have a darker edge that no one would’ve ever expected?

Original Title: Skins
Country, Channel: United Kingdom, E4
Release Date: January 27, 2011
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Created by: Bryan Elsley, Jamie Brittain
Cast: Kaya Scodelario as Effy Stonem, Dakota Blue Richards as Francesca ‘Franky’ Fitzgerald, Freya Mavor as Mini McGuinness, Laya Lewis as Liv Malone, Jessica Sula as Grace Violet, Alexander Arnold as Rich Hardbeck, Will Merrick as Aloysius ‘Alo’ Creevey, Sean Teale as Nick Levan, Sebastian De Souza as Matty Levan

Runtime: 45 min


Episode 1: Franky (346,6 MB)

Episode 2: Rich (345,0 MB)

Episode 3: Mini (545,9 MB)

Episode 4: Liv (345,6 MB)

Episode 5: Nick (346,2 MB)

Episode 6: Alo (345,6 MB)

Episode 7: Grace (546,6 MB)

Episode 8: Everyone (545,9 MB)


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  • Cata

    Awesome!!! :D thank you sooooo much! i think i love you hahaha :)

  • uploaded link dead..

  • master_web


  • C. Blumer

    hey guys, can you upload season 7? pleease! :(