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Chappaquiddick (2017)

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Chappaquiddick (2017) movie poster

The movie “Chappaquiddick” will only talk about a couple of days in July 1969, when Ted Kennedy, drinking at a party with friends and collaborators working on his brother Robert’s presidential campaign, pronounces an inspired speech on “We are one family”. Then he sits behind the wheel and takes Robert’s former assistant, 28-year-old Mary Jo, to admire the stars, the benefit of the party takes place in the Kennedy family’s summer home on the island of Chappaquiddick. Kennedy persuades the girl to tackle a new presidential campaign – his own. Teddy will lose control, the car will fall into the river, and the senator, having got to the shore, will go back to the house where the party is held.

Original Title: Chappaquiddick
Country: Sweden, USA
Release Date: 2017
Genres: Drama, History, Thriller
Creator: Taylor Allen, Andrew Logan, Apex Entertainment, Chimney, DMG Entertainment
Cast: Jason Clarke, Kate Mara, Ed Helms, Bruce Dern, Jim Gaffigan, Olivia Thirlby, Clancy Brown, Taylor Nichols, John Fiore, Gillian Mariner Gordon, Katie Henoch, Lexie Roth, Angela Hope Smith, Vince Tycer, Victor Warren

Runtime: 106 min
Language: English


Quality: BRRip 1080p
Resolution: 1280 x 544
Audio: AC-3, 348 Kbps
Video: x264, 3058 kbps
Size: 1.39 GB



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