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Charmed (season 2)

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Charmed (season 2) tv show poster

1 episodes

Three sisters became owners of magical power, which is transmitted to their family through the female line. The elder sister for a long time did not know about the existence of the sisters, but fate would have liked to unite the girls to fight the dark forces. When they are together, their strength makes them invincible. Each girl received special magical abilities as a gift. So, the older sister can move objects with the power of thought, the middle sister can freeze everything around, the younger one can read thoughts. Girls will have to perfect all their new skills in practice. During the day they lead a normal measured life, but as soon as night falls, the girls go to war with evil.

Original Title: Charmed
Country: USA
Release Date: 2019
Genres: Drama, Fantasy
Creator: Constance M. Burge, Jessica O’Toole, Amy Rardin, Jennie Snyder Urman
Cast: Melonie Diaz, Madeleine Mantock, Sarah Jeffery, Rupert Evans

Runtime: 43 min
Language: English


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