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Empire (season 1)

25,890 views Comments (9)

Empire (season 1) tv show poster

12 episodes

Empire is a sexy and powerful new drama about the head of a music empire whose three sons and ex-wife all battle for his throne. Lucious Lyon is the king of hip-hop. An immensely talented artist, the CEO of Empire Entertainment and a former street thug, his reign has been unchallenged for years. But all that changes, when he learns he has a disease that is going to render him crippled and incapacitated in a matter of three years. The clock is ticking, and he must groom one of his three sons to take over his crowning achievement, without destroying his already fractured family. Lucious’ favorite is his youngest son, Hakeem, a gifted musician and a spoiled playboy who values fame over hard work. The middle son, Jamal, is a sensitive soul and a musical prodigy who, unlike Hakeem, shies away from the spotlight. Jamal also happens to be gay, which infuriates and embarrasses his father. Andre, the eldest son, is CFO of Empire Entertainment. Wharton-educated with a brilliant business mind, Andre lacks the charisma that Lucious believes is crucial to running the company. Will the family unite and learn to love each other before it’s too late? Love, war, family, sacrifice, money and music: this is the story of the Lyons’ Empire.

Original Title: Empire
Country, Channel: USA, FOX
Release Date: 2015
Genres: Drama
Creators: Lee Daniels, Danny Strong
Cast: Terrence Howard as Lucious Lyon, Taraji P. Henson as Cookie Lyon, Malik Yoba as Vernon Turner, Jussie Smollett as Jamal Lyon, Bryshere Gray as Hakeem Lyon, Trai Byers as Andre Lyon, Grace Gealey as Anika Gibbons, Kaitlin Doubleday as Rhonda Lyon, Gabourey Sidibe as Becky

Runtime: 60 min
Language: English


Episode 0: (169,44 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share | NitroFlare

Episode 1: Pilot (378,03 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share | NitroFlare

Episode 2: The Outspoken King (384,96 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share | NitroFlare

Episode 3: The Devil Quotes Scripture (404,11 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share | NitroFlare

Episode 4: False Imposition (388,57 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share | NitroFlare

Episode 5: Dangerous Bonds (388,55 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share | NitroFlare

Episode 6: Out, Damned Spot (385,05 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share | NitroFlare

Episode 7: Our Dancing Days (403,14 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share | NitroFlare

Episode 8: The Lyon’s Roar (384,44 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share | NitroFlare

Episode 9: Unto the Breach (389,1 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share | NitroFlare

Episode 10: Sins Of The Father (346,98 MB)
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Episode 11: Die But Once (346,51 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share | NitroFlare

Episode 12: Who I Am (383,52 MB)
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