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First Kill (2017)

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First Kill (2017) movie poster

The new American movie “First Kill” will tell about a serious investigation, which was started by an experienced police officer and the father of a kidnapped boy. The fact is that without knowing it, the boy Danny was an eyewitness of a bloody showdown between bank robbers and the murder of one of them. After this, the bandits kidnap the boy. The grief-stricken father of the child, Will, along with the police officer, follows in the footsteps of his son. Money has disappeared, and the son is held hostage in some secluded place. However, during the investigation, which at every step presents new surprises and danger, the officer has quite reasonable suspicions about the involvement of Will himself in this robbery.

Original Title: First Kill
Country: Canada, USA, UK
Release Date: 2017
Genres: Action, Crime, Thriller
Creator: Nick Gordon, Kirk Shaw Productions, Arboretum Productions, Brookstreet Pictures
Cast: Bruce Willis, Hayden Christensen, Ty Shelton, Megan Leonard, Gethin Anthony, William DeMeo, Deb G. Girdler, Tyler Jon Olson, Shea Buckner, Magi Avila, Christine Dye, Martin Blencowe, John Dauer, Charlie Roetting, Heather Johansen

Runtime: 97 min
Language: English


Quality: BluRay 1080p
Resolution: 1280 x 544
Audio: AC-3, 348 Kbps
Video: x264, 3058 kbps
Size: 1.56 GB



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