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Million Dollar Arm (2014)

331 views Comments (0)


“Million Dollar Arm” is an American sports drama based on the real events. J. B. Bernstein is a sports agent and is not satisfied with his life: for a long time he could not find young and talented players and up until now he has not proposed to the girl he loves. One day he decides to go to India to get acquianted with the best guys ready to play for Major Baseball League. (more…)


Saint Laurent (2014)

296 views Comments (1)


There is no man who does not know who Yves Saint Laurent is. The famous French fashion designer who has made a real revolution in the world of fashion. The film focuses on the long-term relationship with Pierre Berge. (more…)


Wild (2014)

679 views Comments (0)


Cheryl Strayed is overwhelmed by unhappy marriage and death of her mother. Heartbroken and having no hope for bright future, she is off to pilgrimage through the territory of Pacific Crest Trail – a most dangerous itinerary via Sierra Nevada and the Cascade Mountains. Difficulties during such a risky trip make her get rid of pains in her heart and become much more stronger.



The Salt of the Earth (2014)

468 views Comments (0)


Sebastian Saldago – a Brazilian photographer has been travelling all over the world for 40 years and is watching how life changes people’s lifes. He has become the witness of the most significant events in the history of humanity: wars, starvation, migration, etc. He is now engaged in research of wild life and visited places no man has gone before.



Code of a Killer (season 1)

918 views Comments (3)


2 episodes

The events take place in 1984. Detective David Baker is investigating a serious crime in Leicestershire, where two young schoolgirls Lynda Mann and Dawn Ashworth were killed. Alec Jeffreys – a young specialistis from local police department is assigned as his partner. Alec is considered to be one of the best scientist in their field. In his department he is famous for a special method of calculating the fingerprints. Together they are investigating this extraordinary crime. Code of a Killer consitsts just of two series. Starring David Baker and John Simm.



Gangland Undercover (season 1)

3,627 views Comments (3)


6 episodes

A brand new show from History Channel “Gangland Undercover” tells the lifestory of Charles Falco. He was a drug dealer who was specializing on meth. When he was caught red-handed, Charles faces 20 years in prison and to avoid it ATF detective decided to recruit Charles to the police. Falco’s task was to become a memeber of the most violent biker gang in California called Vango’s. They are involved in arms trafficking, drugs and murders. Falco have no choice so he agrees to the terms of the detective. That’s how the life of undercover begins for Charles. The TV series is based on a true story.



Mr. Selfridge (season 3)

2,401 views Comments (18)


10 episodes

British tv series “Mr. Selfridge” tells the story of the famous entrepreneur Harry Gordon Selfridge. He was born in America and the first business skills have got in the United States. When Harry was a young boy he bought a small shop and start to sale. Then, in 1906, Mr. Selfridge went on holiday in England. Our hero is caught trading in England in such terrible condition that he immediately wanted to start his own business in London. Harry noticed that the latest business ideas have been very successful in the United States but it still has not implemented in Britain. Mr Selfridge decided to invest 400,000 pounds in the building, which is intended to build a department store. How did you know it was one of the first department store in London, which proudly bears the name of Selfridges.



American Sniper (2014)

2,152 views Comments (4)

1413530511_76893399Biographical thriller “American Sniper” is created by a legendary actor and director Clint Eastwood. The story reveals around the Marine from Texas named Chris Kyle. Chris served as a sniper in Iraq in the 2000s. One of his greatest achievements in the Iraq war was a record for the number of dead enemy soldiers. During a war he killed approximately  hundreds people, for that he was nicknamed by Iraqis the Devil. When Chris arrived back to USA he writes a book where he describes not only the military action, but also the memories of his wife, which gradually turned into a witness of how Chris became very attached to his colleagues and war, and how this attachment grew into addiction…



The Imitation Game (2014)

1,193 views Comments (2)

7885_poster_iphoneThe commander of British Forces poses Intelligence Agency is very difficult task: to decode the message of the Wehrmacht. For this project were engaged a thousands of professionals in the field of mathematics, philosophy, analysis, etc. None of the people involved had no idea how difficult this task will be. To achive a success in a mission leader of the project awarded to British mathematicians German Enigma cipher machine. Now it remains a process of elimination to find a single combination. Drawing on a variety of facts and data, theorists still broke the machine. After breaking of the British intelligence unit could decrypt any message on the part of the Germans, and the main decoder Alan Turing was waiting for the great glory. But until British nation did not recognize his true sexual preference…



Big eyes (2014)

546 views Comments (2)

CCUBLyAA young artist Margaret Keane became famous all over the world in the 50s. On her paintings she drew kids with big eyes, they became so popular that the main character recognized now as a symbol of successful dissemination of art for the mass market. But before Margaret gets popular, she has agreed with her husband Walter that he will be the author of her paintings. After the success main characters began to conflict with each other over copyright and this has led to a trial between Margaret and Walter. As a result, Margaret divorced him and joined the ranks of the feminist movement…