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Yves Saint Laurent (2014)

473 views Comments (3)

yves-saint-laurent-dvd-cover-largeYves Saint Laurent is french biopic movie greatly directed by Jalil Lhesper. The script was written by Jacques Fieschi with the help of Jeremie Guez and Marie-Pierre Uster. The film tells the story of fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent starting from 1958. French biographical drama “Yves Saint Laurent”  tells the story of one of the most talented fashion designers of France. Early in his career he had to work as an assistant in the fashion house Christian Dior. But due to the tragic circumstances Christian died and the young talent Laurent became a new  head of the fasion house. At that time he was only twenty one years old. Thanks to Laurent, the world got fashionable leather jackets, new kinds of boots for women and unisex style in general, the founder of which he is! Shoting began in June 2013. Part of the work was done in collaboration with Pierre Berg?, who personally provided all models on the catwalk during the filming of the collection show in  Op?ra Ballets Russes 1976. For these shootings Berger Foundation has provided 77 original outfits from the collection, and the show was filmed in famous “Inter Continental Hotel”.



The Wolf of Wall Street (2014)

3,572 views Comments (6)

The Wolf of Wall Street 2013 Poster

The Wolf of Wall Street is a black comedy film that based on a biography of Jordan Belfort. For the first time we see him as an usual and moderate guy, who try to find his own path into the future of big business. When Jordan get acquainted with Mark Hanna (his boss in L.F. Rothschild company) he learned everything how to make money easely. After that he appears as a genius stock-brocker who made a millions on a gullible people. Almost 7 years Jordan was selling penny stocks to them, he earned approximately $110 millions for this period. But in 1998 he went to prison involving crime and corruption.



Houdini (season 1)

9,470 views Comments (9)

Houdini poster History Channel 2014

Part 2

This is a travel back in time to the epic age of the early 1900s. In the center of the tv series will be the story of ascent to the world famous Harry Houdini. He passed a difficult way from a poor child to the great illusionist. Houdini pushes death-defying limits in his quest to out-innovate the Industrial Revolution. (more…)


Da Vinci’s Demons (season 2)

32,794 views Comments (31)

Da Vincis Demons Starz season 2 2014 poster

10 episodes

New season finds Florence thrown into chaos in the wake of the Pazzi conspiracy. Lorenzo is gravely ill and Leonardo da Vinci must push the limits of his mind and body to defend the city against the forces of Rome. While the Medicis go to unthinkable lengths to deal with new threats, da Vinci continues on his quest to find the fabled Book of Leaves and uncover the secret history of his mother. He’ll come to realize that he has lethal competition in his quest — new enemies who may be even worse than the forces of Pope Sixtus. His search will take him to faraway lands and force him to reevaluate everything he knew about the world and his own history. (more…)


The Spartacus Saga: Uncut (season 1)

35,713 views Comments (42)


4 seasons, all episodes are the UNCUT version

Blood and Sand, Gods of the Arena, Vengeance, War of the Damned are back in uncut edition. All four seasons of Spartacus with extended episodes. (more…)


Bonnie and Clyde (season 1)

5,442 views Comments (1)

Bonnie and Clyde Lifetime History 2013 poster

2 episodes

Bonnie & Clyde retells the fascinating tale of the legendary couple whose crime spree enraptured the American public. Rumored to have a sixth-sense to see events before they happened, Barrow was always able to stay one step ahead of the law as they escaped capture time and again. His one blind spot was Parker, who was intent on becoming famous and fed on the alluring media attention, pushing Barrow to commit riskier and more dangerous crimes to generate bigger headlines and make them the most famous criminals of the modern era. (more…)


Spartacus: Gods of the Arena (season 1)

12,874 views Comments (13)

Spartacus Gods of the Arena 2011 poster

6 episodes + Extended Version

House of Batiatus is on the rise, basking in the glory undefeated champion Gannicus, whose mastery of the sword is matched only by his inordinate thirst for wine and women. This is the time which young Batiatus was waiting, and now he is ready for power by any means to punish with anyone who gets in his way. In the backroom intrigues Batiatus gets help from his faithful and prudent wife Lucretia. Her ability is complemented by seductive and insidious talent friend Gaia. (more…)


Spartacus: War of the Damned (season 2)

301,307 views Comments (103)

Spartacus War of the Damned Starz poster 2013

10 episodes

The new season begins 6 months after the events at Vesuvius. Thousands of runaway slaves joined to the Spartacus rebellion. There is a fierce war. At this time, a young 27-year-old Gaius Julius Caesar makes the first steps towards the creation and management of the Empire. He uses not only the mind but also smashing sword for taming and destruction of the rebels. Marcus Crassus, the richest man in Rome, forwarded on the operation to get rid of the bold slaves … (more…)


Spartacus: Vengeance (season 2)

322,234 views Comments (101)

Spartacus Vengeance Starz poster 2012

10 episodes

The uprising of slaves at home Batiatus caused a huge number of victims. Among the dead were a large number of noble Romans. One of the victims of the slaughterous uprising was Batiatus. Gladiators broke free and they are ready to revenge brutally on the Roman community. Spartacus heads the gladiators who are ready for retribution. Spartacus conducts intensive training for his slave unit. Their main goal is the enslavement of the Roman community. However, do not forget that each of the members of the detachment pursues its own goals. And only manful Spartacus goes into battle only to take revenge.


Spartacus: Blood and Sand (season 1)

20,842 views Comments (18)

Spartacus Blood and Sand 2010 poster

13 episodes

This series tell us a story of Roman emissary Gaius Claudius Glaber, prominent gladiator. He once was caught by sneaky Thracian tribe as a slave, but later on Quint Batiatus got him for his fighting school. He gave him the nickname “Spartacus”. Soon he conveyed Spartacus on his way to Colosseum, in which deadly battles always were the most attractive performance for the brutal crowd. Gladiator have to battle for his life. Additionally, he doesn’t forget that the merchant have sold his beloved wife Sura.