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Stockholm (2019)

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This is the first hostage-taking in the history of Sweden. Movie “Stockholm” is based on real events that occurred in Sweden, more precisely in Stockholm during the seizure of hostages in the bank, in the summer of 1973. After this event,vwe have the psychological definition of the Stockholm syndrome, which characterizes the defensive-unconscious, sometimes very traumatic connection that occurs between the victim and the invader during the current event, sometimes appears like love. (more…)


The Haves and the Have Nots (season 6)

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9 episodes

The life of the rich and powerful family of Judge Jim Cryer will be at the center of the series “The Haves and the Have Nots”. Each of the inhabitants of the luxurious mansion has his own secrets. The head of the family has long led a double life. His wife Katherine, outwardly – a sample of example and virtue, is ready for anything to protect the family. Daughter and son also do not differ decency. The only person in the house who lives according to God’s commandments is the black maid Hannah Young. And her daughter Candice dreams of wealth and sees acquaintance with the Cryer family as a chance to achieve what she wants in life. (more…)


London Kills (season 1)

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5 episodes

The events of the new series “London Kills” will unfold in the same megalopolis, in which both ordinary and criminal life rages. A team of protagonists is caught up with investigations into the killings and, at the same time, the series will show their personal problems. Each episode will correspond to a separate murder and its investigation. The series begins with the fact that a man was found stabbed several times and stayed hanging on a tree. (more…)


Domino (2019)

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A policeman leads the hunt for the murderer of his partner and finds himself in the center of events, where a well-known terrorist organization is operating in the territory of European states. The key theme of this movie “Domino” is important for all of Europe, and in principle for the whole planet – terrorism. These rascals find fanatics among religious sects and they shoot, blow up ordinary, peaceful citizens. And accordingly, the police and the omnipresent CIA agents catch them. (more…)


Charlie Says (2019)

2,564 views Comments (0)

Charlie Says

On August 8 and 9, 1969, members of the Charlie Manson Family sect killed the pregnant actress Sharon Tate and her guests, as well as a couple of entrepreneurs Leno and Rosemary La Bianca. Three years later, the killer girls who had fulfilled the will of Charles Manson and are now serving a life sentence in the California Women’s Prison are being visited by graduate student volunteer Karlin Faith. Carlin deals with literature, philosophy and journalism with local prisoners, and Leslie, Patricia and Susan become her new charges. Faith is trying to prove (with the help of progressive – feminist first of all – literature) to girls that real life has nothing to do with the Manson mirror, and those in return share with her memories of the days spent on Span’s ranch. (more…)


Hawaii Five-0 (season 9)

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25 episodes

In Hawaii, a special unit 5.0 is created, which is supervised personally by the governor. His staff is given extremely broad powers and technical capabilities. The head of the group — a former naval officer, McGarrett, who has his own accounts with the local criminal world, stretching from childhood and three more specialists. Each series “Hawaii Five-0″ is almost a separate story, but a common story thread is present.


Ransom (season 3)

15,816 views Comments (0)


13 episodes

Crime series “Ransom” will tell viewers about the work of a rather extraordinary organization. Its activity is to conduct constructive negotiations with the criminals if they take hostages. The main character is a professional negotiator. Few have heard of such a strange specialty, but when emergency situations happen, this person is indispensable. Elite police units are also able to cope with such problems and take terrorists by storm, but this will require much more material costs and it can be dangerous for people’s lives. (more…)


Too Old to Die Young (season 1)

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Too Old to Die Young

10 episodes

Los Angeles is not the most peaceful city in America. In the center of events of the series – Los Angeles police detective Martin, who has shot the “wrong woman” while on duty. He is involved in a conflict between gangsters. The Yakuza, the Russian mafia, the Mexican mercenaries and a gang of teenagers are waiting for Martin to redeem himself. The protagonist of the series “Too Old to Die Young” is completely confused in his views on life, so he does not know what to do next. (more…)


Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile (2019)

305 views Comments (0)

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

The plot unfolds 5 years after the events of the first part of the franchise. Godzilla: The King of Monsters, a sequel to the 2014 Godzilla movie, is part of the MonsterVerse franchise. The director and screenwriter is Michael Doherty. A group of scientists from the agency “Monarch” found 17 giant reptiles, later named Titans. Titans are in hibernation, and supervision is established behind them. Government and citizens fear dangerous reptiles, however, Dr. Serizawa believes that the Titans are the defenders of our planet. Everything gets out of control when a group of eco-terrorists decide to wake up a giant three-headed dragon. (more…)


The Red Line (season 1)

1,720 views Comments (0)

The Red Line

8 episodes

This is a story about three different families related to one tragedy and told on behalf of each of them. The dramatic series “The Red Line” understands the topic of racism and tells the story of events that occurred after a white policeman in Chicago killed an African American doctor by accident. After work, he went to a local grocery store and became a random witness to a robbery that was done by another African American. At that moment, a white police officer, Paul Evans, burst into the room and without understanding the situation shot an unarmed man. (more…)