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Lizzie (2018)

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The history of Lizzie Bordon still stirs human minds, although more than 125 years have passed since that ill-fated August 1892. Stepmother and Liziz’s father received more than a dozen blows with an ax each; Crime, evidence collection, court. The process was so famous that a century later, American kids can still read without hesitation the rhyme about Lizzie Bordon and the blows of an ax. (more…)


Cold Pursuit (2019)

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The main character lives high in the mountains and works on a snowplow. At some point, he learns that his son was killed … He begins his own investigation. The very story of the murder and its consequences are very complicated and several plot lines are being developed at once in the “Cold Pursuit” movie. Viewers will learn “from the inside” not only the main character, but also his friends and even enemies. (more…)


Shetland (season 5)

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6 episodes

The fifth season of the detective series “Shetland” continues to delight with views of the Shetland Islands, the strict but beautiful nature is fascinating. Detached houses seem so cozy and cute, until the crimes start happening. The main thread through the entire series is the loyalty of the protagonist to the detriment of his personal life and the kinds of a tiny person on an endless plain or on the edge of a 500 m cliff emphasize and heighten the atmosphere of loneliness. (more…)


White Boy Rick (2018)

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White Boy Rick

Detroit, Richard Vershi Jr. – a rather arrogant teenager who lives with an unlucky single father and sitting on his heroine older sister. While his father is making ends meet, pushing cheap weapons on the black market, his son, wishing to get away from the poor coexistence of his family, is already in the local criminal authorities, where he was called the “White Boy Rick” because of the mostly black Detroit contingent 80s. (more…)


Backtrace (2018)

215 views Comments (0)


MacDonald (Matthew Modine) – the only survivor of a resonant robbery of a cash collector. We are talking about a big bag with money, and not even one. The problem is that under unclear circumstances, clearly related to the sharing of the loot, MacDonald suffered a head injury and now does not remember where the money is. Detective Sykes took up the business seriously – we know little about him, but his look is severe and Sylvester Stallone plays him, so it’s immediately clear that he’s not the last person and not least important for the plot. (more…)


Deadly Class (season 1)

2,062 views Comments (0)

Deadly Class

10 episodes

A fascinating science fiction television series that touches on a lot of teenage problems and shows what young people brought up in harsh violence can do. In the center of the plot of the new series “Deadly Class” – a confused and lonely guy named Marcus, who lives in the street. He grew up in a shelter, where from an early age he had to learn to stand up for himself. By the will of fate, Marcus finds himself in an elite private school, where he learns not ordinary subjects, but the art of killing. Professional killers teach here, and the students are the children of famous criminals and murderers.


Holmes & Watson (2018)

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This story “Holmes & Watson” is about the famous characters Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, only in this comedy they are “assholes”, moreover they are complete assholes. The movie is a parody of famous films. “Stupidity” phrases pour from the mouth of Sherlock and Watson every minute. There is a detective story here, but Sherlock investigates it by the most incomprehensible and strange path. (more…)


The Wire (season 1)

6,591 views Comments (8)

The Wire HBO season 1 2002 poster

13 episodes

Police drama tells about one of the most criminal of U.S. cities – Baltimore, Maryland. Drugs, murder, cruelty and destroyed destinies prevail in this city. Baltimore police unit tries to use special tools for the wiretapping and hidden video brought to investigating crimes of organized criminal groups involved in illicit drug trafficking. Also, detectives have to deal with corruption and political motives own superiors. (more…)


London Kills (season 1)

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1 episodes

The events of the new series “London Kills” will unfold in the same megalopolis, in which both ordinary and criminal life rages. A team of protagonists is caught up with investigations into the killings and, at the same time, the series will show their personal problems. Each episode will correspond to a separate murder and its investigation. The series begins with the fact that a man was found stabbed several times and stayed hanging on a tree. (more…)


Cardinal (season 3)

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6 episodes

This is a mini-series of six episodes, shot in Canada, based on the book by Giles Blunt. The series begins with the fact that a corpse, a lost young girl whose murderer was not found, is found in a block of ice. To nvestigate this crime was caused a detective named Cardinal. It has everything you need for a real detective without embellishment. Not just an investigation, but the depth and ramification of plot lines.