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12 Strong (2018)

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12 Strong

The real story of the 12 brave American soldiers that were sent to the Middle East, immediately after September 11 to destroy the Taliban’s center, the city of Mazar-i-Sharif, is shown. Considering difficult climatic conditions, the abundance and insidiousness of enemies, their ruthlessness and fanaticism, as well as the lack of appropriate skills for the squad, the mission is considered almost impracticable. The authors of the movie “12 Strong” tried to make it neutral, for all the misunderstanding the peoples of the East are shown those who love their Motherland and are fighting for their people.


Troy: Fall of a City (season 1)

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8 episodes

This new series “Troy: Fall of a City” was created for the BBC One TV channel with cooperation with Netflix. It will be a mini-series that will consist of only 8 episodes with a duration of 55 minutes. The story line is based on the Trojan War. And the love between Elena and Paris. The project will reveal in more detail the greatest war of antiquity. Then how staunchly stood the city of Troy for raids and attempts to capture it. But still could not resist the well-thought-out plan for his capture. (more…)


Wunderland (2018)

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WunderlandAccording to the plot, the action of the movie “Wunderland” takes place on December 16, 1944, when the German troops launched an offensive. A platoon of American soldiers is tasked to take a position on the site of the Ardennes forest, and to prevent the advance of the enemy as far as possible and according to the situation. While everything is quiet, the soldiers arrive at the location indicated on the map, and conduct reconnaissance. Evaluating the enemy’s forces, which are many times superior, the Americans began to act guerrilla methods: covertly move and enter the rear.



Jamestown (season 2)

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8 episodes

The action of the series “Jamestown” takes place in 1619. North America begins to be actively populated by the British. First men come there, who build settlements and establish everyday life, and then women are brought to their wives. Those men, richer, could afford to leave an application for a wife, which they will bring from the UK. A woman in this case is not exactly a commodity, as they themselves give consent to migration and to marry a man they have never met before. On this ship there are 3 women who become the center of the narrative. The first – a person, noble, she saw her groom in England. The second is a modest and beautiful girl from a farm family. The third is a thief who was bought out of prison. They differ in appearance, in character, and in destiny. They can not be called best friends, but from time to time they come to the rescue each other. (more…)


Another Period (season 3)

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11 episodes

The action of the series “Another Period” takes place in America at the beginning of the XX century. In a gorgeous mansion there lives a rich and outwardly respectable family whose members actually indulge in all the vices imaginable: the Belakort sisters drink cocaine and get drunk at parties almost every day, the mother sits on only the morphee that has become fashionable, the father sleeps with the maid – a former prostitute. In general, the main thing in the lives of these people is how to have fun.


Batman: Gotham by Gaslight (2018)

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Batman: Gotham by Gaslight

The action of the animated film “Batman: Gotham by Gaslight” takes place in 1889 in Gotham, where there is a Victorian Batman. And he tries to stop Jack the Ripper, who has declared a hunt for women. Batman skillfully combines his skills with city knowledge and stunts of illusionists, so for the Gotham police he is considered an elusive criminal interfering in the affairs of law enforcement. In the animated film there are a lot of spectacular fights, but the best of them are those in which Batman fights with Jack the Ripper. It’s not just a worthy Bruce opponent – it’s the one who is better than him in everything.


Darkest Hour (2017)

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Darkest Hour

“Darkest Hour” – a new movie by British director Joe Wright. This is a biographical drama about Winston Churchill, a person truly epoch-making and many, not only British, beloved and respected. May 1940, London. Prime Minister Chamberlain is going to resign, to his post he should recommend someone from the conservatives who arrange the opposition. Lord Halifax, the first contender for this position, refuses the appointment that fell on him, and therefore the new prime minister is the disgraced Winston Churchill, who has not yet been forgiven for losing the British to the Turks in the Gallipoli battle.


Maze (2017)

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The movie “Maze” is based on real events in Ireland. Actions take place in the prison of a special regime, which is a labyrinth and with which no one could escape before and did not even try. But before all this was a hunger strike and the death of 10 prisoners because of the conditions of detention or some kind of injustice. The movie tells about the most massive escape from prison of maximum security. 38 prisoners fled. The final will surprise you. (more…)


Goodbye Christopher Robin (2017)

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Goodbye Christopher Robin

This movie “Goodbye Christopher Robin” tells the real story of the birth of the character “Winnie the Pooh” and stories about him. This movie is about how the parents’ ambitions affect the lives of their children. Rather, this film is calm, measured, unhurried and there is something to think about. It is based on real stories and it talks about some historical facts. It is certainly the drama of living people, which was in the past, but is ready even now to present us with very important lessons and you will learn what. It actually tells how this cult was created, in what family and how it happened that all this became so popular. (more…)


Knightfall (season 1)

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10 episodes

The series “Knightfall” tells about the powerful and brave Templars who survived numerous persecutions from both opponents and allies. Who would have thought that the pope, who had gathered such a mighty army, would himself pursue his representatives for the purpose of execution for treachery, which they did not commit. Defeat in the Holy Land is a failure of the military plan, but in the armies of the Templars there are no cowards and traitors. People who devoted themselves to the service of the Order were faithful to Clement Fifth and King Philip the Fourth. The protagonist of this story is the brave Sir Landry, who is at the head of the crusading army. He with pain in his heart is experiencing a failure of the crusading army in the Holy Land. However, when information appears about the Holy Grail, hope in the best appears in the heart of the protagonist again.