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Vikings (season 5)

18,843 views Comments (0)


20 episodes

The fifth season of the popular series “Vikings”, telling about Ragnar Lodbrok, the brave leader of the Viking tribe, who was able to write his name in world history as the ruler of one of the most strong-willed, strong and unshakable states. The protagonist of this series unites the kingdoms and tribes of the Vikings, to create a strong huge state, capable of defeating any ill-wishers. Numerous foreign trips against gentiles, as well as large-scale mass battles – these are the passion of these people. However, for all their warlikeness, the Vikings try to remain human. They have families, love and are responsible for their loved ones.


Upstart Crow (season 4)

340 views Comments (0)


Special episodes

The action of the comedy series “Upstart Crow” takes place in 1592 at a time when the future famous poet and playwright was just beginning his career. During the fourth season of the series, we will also witness the twists and turns in Shakespeare’s relationship with his family, friends and colleagues. We see William Shakespeare leading two lives: one family, in a house in Stratford-upon-Avon, the other, creative, away from the often obnoxious household, in London, where he tries to get recognition.


First Man (2018)

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First Man

The story of the new movie “First Man” begins with a turning point in the life of Neal – the death of his two-year-old daughter. The main character takes the tragedy hard, but at the same time, he is not ready to share it with anyone – neither with his wife nor with friends. He puts all his strength and energy into the work at NASA, having set a goal to overtake the Russians and make the first landing on the moon.


The Last Kingdom (season 3)

2,441 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

The plot of the series takes viewers during the reign of Alfred the Great. This man stood at the head of Wessex and was able to repel the Danish Vikings, who seized most of the British lands. The story is dedicated to the young man Utred, who was still in captivity of the Danes in his infancy. The main character grew up, having passed the education of the Vikings. True, now he has to decide which side to take, because the young Viking owes his life to the Scandinavian invaders who raised him, but at the same time British blood still flows in the veins of the main character.


Six (season 2)

9,962 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

The plot of this series “Six” tells us a story about how a special detachment will try to save its commander from the hands of terrorists who are trying to lure information from him in any way that has an unrealistically high value in the sphere of US defense. It will also be about the always relevant issues of the value of human life, the role and place of native people in human life, responsibility and reconciliation with the tragedy of loss or murder. The motivations of the heroes, the attitude to the former commander are not so unambiguous.


Outlaw King (2018)

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Outlaw King

Scotland, 1304 The English king Edward I finally broke the Scottish nobility, the rebel William Wallace runs through the woods and will soon be caught. Robert the Bruce and his father swear allegiance to Edward, who in return gives Bruce his god-daughter Elizabeth. Meanwhile, the English soldiers are doing outrage all over Scotland. People begin to grumble, and when the parts of the body of the executed Wallace are hanged out in different Scottish cities, a stabbing breaks out in some places. Bruce, who observed all this and accumulated anger, decides: it is impossible to live this way. He openly opposes the king of England, is crowned and is trying to attract allies.


Upstart Crow (season 3)

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6 episodes

The young William Shakespeare, despite his humble origins, hopes once to conquer London’s theatrical stage and become one of the greatest playwrights in the world. Without sleep and rest, he works on future masterpieces, trying to combine the hard work of the creator with the care of the family. To all the rest, the hero of the series “Upstart Crow” has to deal with relatives for whom a high poetic style often becomes a reason for ridicule, with mediocre and stupid actors, and also with spectators incapable of appreciating the unexpected plot lines of his works


Chappaquiddick (2017)

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The movie “Chappaquiddick” will only talk about a couple of days in July 1969, when Ted Kennedy, drinking at a party with friends and collaborators working on his brother Robert’s presidential campaign, pronounces an inspired speech on “We are one family”. Then he sits behind the wheel and takes Robert’s former assistant, 28-year-old Mary Jo, to admire the stars, the benefit of the party takes place in the Kennedy family’s summer home on the island of Chappaquiddick. Kennedy persuades the girl to tackle a new presidential campaign – his own. Teddy will lose control, the car will fall into the river, and the senator, having got to the shore, will go back to the house where the party is held.


Poldark (season 4)

6,937 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

Many soldiers survived in wartime only thanks to thoughts of relatives and home, and tried to get home as soon as possible. The protagonist of the series “Poldark” was one of such warriors, and madly wanted to get to his beloved girl, who soon planned to marry. This is a multi-part historical drama that tells us about the life difficulties, ups and downs of one individual. The series is a film adaptation of a series of works by Winston Graham, which have one common name – “The Saga of the Poldarks”.


Drunk History (season 5)

3,953 views Comments (0)


13 episodes

This is a rather unusual hooligan project of the Funny or Die website, which Comedy Central turned into a full-fledged improvised TV show “Drunk History”. Storytellers try to retell famous historical events in various degrees of intoxication, and various Hollywood celebrities stunt this nonsense, opening their mouths to the author’s replicas. Such a contrasting combination of the well-known with the absurd causes the viewer not only bewilderment, but also loud laughter.