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Maze (2017)

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The movie “Maze” is based on real events in Ireland. Actions take place in the prison of a special regime, which is a labyrinth and with which no one could escape before and did not even try. But before all this was a hunger strike and the death of 10 prisoners because of the conditions of detention or some kind of injustice. The movie tells about the most massive escape from prison of maximum security. 38 prisoners fled. The final will surprise you. (more…)


Goodbye Christopher Robin (2017)

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Goodbye Christopher Robin

This movie “Goodbye Christopher Robin” tells the real story of the birth of the character “Winnie the Pooh” and stories about him. This movie is about how the parents’ ambitions affect the lives of their children. Rather, this film is calm, measured, unhurried and there is something to think about. It is based on real stories and it talks about some historical facts. It is certainly the drama of living people, which was in the past, but is ready even now to present us with very important lessons and you will learn what. It actually tells how this cult was created, in what family and how it happened that all this became so popular. (more…)


Knightfall (season 1)

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10 episodes

The series “Knightfall” tells about the powerful and brave Templars who survived numerous persecutions from both opponents and allies. Who would have thought that the pope, who had gathered such a mighty army, would himself pursue his representatives for the purpose of execution for treachery, which they did not commit. Defeat in the Holy Land is a failure of the military plan, but in the armies of the Templars there are no cowards and traitors. People who devoted themselves to the service of the Order were faithful to Clement Fifth and King Philip the Fourth. The protagonist of this story is the brave Sir Landry, who is at the head of the crusading army. He with pain in his heart is experiencing a failure of the crusading army in the Holy Land. However, when information appears about the Holy Grail, hope in the best appears in the heart of the protagonist again.


Churchill (2017)

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This biographical drama “Churchill ” shows an episode of the life of an elderly Churchill during the Second World War. The movie tells us about not a simple person, and its not simple solutions, and, in principle, fate. This drama is based on real events that occurred 96 hours before the start of World War II. These days have become extremely difficult for the Prime Minister, because he experienced incredible pressure from the political environment. (more…)


Dunkirk (2017)

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The action of the movie “Dunkirk” is based on real events and unfolds in France in 1940 near French coastal town of Dunkirk. Almost at the beginning of the Second World War, about three hundred thousand allied soldiers were squeezed from different sides of the enemy forces. They were on the brink of destruction, where one side of the sea, and on the other ruthlessly advancing enemy. (more…)


Victoria (season 2)

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9 episodes

The series “Victoria” are incredibly interesting historical drama which events take place when Queen Victoria governed. She was a very purposeful woman. Her name says for itself – “Victory” that it really renders great value on character of the strong woman who wasn’t given before any difficulties on the way. Here, her vital destiny is bright facts that has led her to a government rank: the ascension period on a throne and before marriage with prince Albert. She ruled Great Britain 64 years, and has inherited the kingdom in 18 years. In the season 2 of the series, Victoria will continue the story of her life and reign, in addition to the state of Affairs, she had a family.


Upstart Crow (season 2)

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7 episodes

The series “Upstart Crow” tell about how practically unknown author William Shakespeare started his literary activity, his formation as the poet and as the playwright. His way to glory was difficult and thorny. He dreamed that his works will put in London theaters, and then he is waited by international recognition. However, his plays went badly. Actors couldn’t report inner world of heroes, because of lack of experience and education, preparation and talent. And enemies prevented the realization of his dream. The loving relatives who took care of him, disturbed Shakespeare in achievement of his goal. In such difficult way great plays gained recognition.


The Crown (season 2)

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The Crown

10 episodes

The events of the second season of the series “The Crown” unfold in the UK in 1956. At this time in Europe, a crisis was arising, associated with the nationalization of the Suez Canal. Elizabeth herself has great changes not only in public life, but also in personal life. In 1960, she gave birth to her second son, in 1964 the third. But in 1963 a great scandal broke out, when the queen had to dismiss the prime minister and almost the entire government.


6 Days (2017)

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The new movie “6 Days” will tell how in 1980 the terrorists seized the embassy employees together with their families. They put forward conditions that were simply impossible to fulfill. The best specialists in saving lives were sent to the Iranian embassy to release hostages from terrorists. The terrorists ask to release ninety-one Arabs in Iran, otherwise they will kill all the hostages. The operation is complicated by the fact that according to intelligence agencies, terrorists have their own informant among the authorities. After long six days, a plan was developed to eliminate terrorists with minimal losses among hostages, and the Iranian government refused to cooperate. (more…)


American Made (2017)

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American Made

The movie “American Made” is about the passionate, disastrous desire to get rich, which pushed private pilot-adventurer Barry Seal, to illegal earnings. Having become acquainted with the brutal heads of the monopolistic cartel Medellan, he began to engage in criminal, covert transportation of expensive drugs. However, the CIA agents soon revealed a clear connection between the compatriot and the foreign criminal syndicate and offered to work for the government. But the existence of a double agent is in danger when the Mafia expose the lucky spy. Only the timely intervention of the curators of this operation can save the unlucky hero who finds himself in a very difficult, delicate situation.