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Riverdale (season 3)

10,325 views Comments (0)


22 episodes

The series tells about the life of high school student Archie Andrews, his friends and the secrets of the provincial American town of Riverdale. The plot revolves around several of the oldest families in the city. The series “Riverdale” reveals important adolescent problems, shows true friendship with the support of each other in difficult moments. Adolescents face quite “adult” difficulties and problems, make difficult decisions.


Arrow (season 7)

14,492 views Comments (0)


22 episodes

Adventure series “Arrow” based on the comic book about the superhero “Green Arrow”, tells about the young man Oliver Queen, who fights evil in the cynical world of millionaires, to which he himself belonged, while under tragic circumstances hit the mysterious island. The tests that he had to go through there, including the death of his father, completely changed him. After 5 years, Oliver returns home as other man and with a specific mission.


Midsomer Murders (season 20)

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Midsomer Murders

3 episodes

Here the most sophisticated crimes are committed by the most sophisticated criminals in the world. Inspector Barneby and his assistant investigate the crimes carefully and unhurriedly. They have to investigate unusual crimes, sometimes even with a mystical hue. And only he will calculate the criminal, as the suspect himself at the last moment becomes a victim in the ill-fated chain of murders. It turns out that the wounds inflicted by the criminal on the bodies of their victims are not in fact the cause of their death. Each episode of “Midsomer Murders” series is a separate investigation. (more…)


Line of Duty (season 5)

1,443 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

The main character Steve Arnott, after the failure of a counter-terrorist operation, is transferred to the anti-corruption department, as he has established himself as a man who is not afraid to go against the authorities and seek the truth at any cost. A thin thread through all seasons is a large-scale line with a real conspiracy at the very top, which so far does not give anything distinct, but only adds intrigue. (more…)


Pet Sematary (2019)

835 views Comments (0)

Pet Sematary

The family of Dr. Louis Creed, moves from Boston to the suburbs, the idyllic rural town of Ludlow, Maine, USA. The new place is very beautiful, it is not at all like Boston. Beautiful house, besides the family also owns a piece of the adjacent forest. Dramatic changes, with all their novelty, will bring some frustration. The new, quiet district, where the Creeds are moving, is shrouded in myths. Long ago, the children went to the forest at night to argue, they passed from mouth to mouth legends about his power and were afraid of it. They also say that these forests are a special place, cursed lands. It is possible that this is just a crazy legend, but it immediately becomes clear that something is wrong with it. (more…)


American Gods (season 2)

3,242 views Comments (0)

American Gods

8 episodes

American Gods is a TV series starring Ricky Whittle, Emily Browning, and Crispin Glover. A recently released ex-convict named Shadow meets a mysterious man who calls himself “Wednesday” and who knows more than he first seems to… (more…)


Supernatural (season 14)

15,015 views Comments (0)


20 episodes

The main characters of the series “Supernatural” are fighting against the otherworldly forces of evil, simultaneously solving their own mystery of life.
Each episode has its own story, its own plot. Be prepared for the fact that the main part of the series takes place at night. As it should be in horror movies: darkness, sea of blood close up, monsters attacking from behind. However, all this is in a slightly smoothed version. Plus-mystery, which runs a single storyline, for many episodes.


Gotham (season 5)

8,574 views Comments (0)


12 episodes

This series is devoted mainly to the future Commissioner Gordon, one of Batman’s main allies among the common people. We see how Gordon, while still new to the police, is trying to join the team, but very quickly realizes that Gotham received the title of “the most criminal city in the world” not without the help of his detective colleagues who cover criminals, imprison innocent people and try hush up the case only for the sake of increasing national calm. We are told the story of his formation – why he decided to go against the system (from the very first frames it is clear that he does not look like other detectives) and how this affected his character.


The Possession of Hannah Grace (2018)

1,129 views Comments (0)

The Possession of Hannah Grace

Pragmatic and well-built in the plot of the movie “The Possession of Hannah Grace” tells of supernatural phenomena that occur not in the most fun place – the city morgue of the American Boston. The traditional story about exorcism is laid on the basis of a psychological thriller about post-traumatic stress disorder of the main heroine Shay Mitchell. She attends rehabilitation courses and is trying to find work, the whole thing is complicated by the young woman’s habit of using illegal drugs, which she began to take while deeply depressed. (more…)


Happy Death Day 2U (2019)

195 views Comments (0)

Happy Death Day 2U

The unlucky inventor Ryan wakes up again and again in the same day. At first, the guy tries to explain this cost with a minute whim, but eventually he comes to the conclusion that there is some kind of time loop that keeps him in tight limits. And he created it by none other than himself. Student Trish is again immersed in a personal Groundhog Day. Another in her place would have given up and conquered an unenviable fate, but the girl is too active to die time after time, losing her strength and will to live. Therefore, her sentence turns into a guide to action, to which not everyone has been given.