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True Detective (season 3)

5,296 views Comments (0)

True Detective

8 episodes

In the center of the plot of the third season of the acclaimed “True Detective” will be Detective Wayne Wise. He will investigate the abduction of two children, which occurred in 1980. However, he will be able to find those involved in the crime only in 2015, thirty-five years later, when a documentary film is being started about a high-profile case.


Death in Paradise (season 8)

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Death in Paradise

8 episodes

The focus of the plot of the eighth season of one of the most controversial projects of modern television in Britain “Death in Paradise” is a confident and charismatic investigator Humphrey Goodman. His predecessor began detective work on the island of St. Marie, but died at the hands of criminals. Once upon a time on this remote Caribbean island came a terrific investigator Richard Poole. True, he didn’t like the local weather and atmosphere – Poole didn’t really like the heat, but preferred, rather, the London bad weather, because he was a native British. And he wanted to work in London, and not somewhere far away. It just so happened that for a long time St. Marie belonged to France, and now it was under the control of Great Britain. Local investigations into the killings force the main character to seriously strain, because every time the criminals come up with something new, because on a limited area of ​​land you can hardly safely hide.


Manifest (season 1)

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16 episodes

During the flight in the new series “Manifest” passengers experience strong turbulence, but all survived and landed safely at the airport of destination. There they are already waited by the police and doctors. Arrivals are surrounded and they do not allow to leave the airfield. Surprised passengers learn from the police officer that their plane was believed to be crashed, and they were missing more than five years ago. The consequences were not long in coming.


Grantchester (season 4)

5,126 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

The protagonist in the series “Grantchester” – the vicar of the Anglican Church Sydney Chambers, leading the church of the small town of Grantchester. So, it turns out that he constantly has to investigate any crimes, mainly murders. It happens in the postwar period. This is an unhurried series without shooting and chases, and the criminals are hidden behind the masks of integrity. Each episode ends with a small sermon of the vicar.


Vera (season 9)

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4 episodes

Vera Stanhope, the chief inspector of the criminal police, is always collected, self-confident, she often embarrasses the boors and high-handed officials. Her indispensable colleague, reliable as a rock, his patience can be envied. He is calm and self-confidence. This couple has repeatedly shown their professionalism in the investigation of the case. But even Joe Ashworth, being all the time next to Vera Stanhope does not notice that behind the external well-being and success lies loneliness. So, the senior inspector is looking for work, plunging into her head. But investigations end, and loneliness remains. Although a partner can notice everything and understands everything …


Silent Witness (season 22)

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10 episodes

Thanks to the meticulous work of the forensic scientist, a team of English policemen manage to solve the most complex crimes. Modern technologies are going to help humanity not only in industry, but also they have a particularly large role in such a field of activity as criminology. How much depends on the accuracy of the study. Well, the accuracy of the study primarily depends on the research methods, which in turn depend on the available equipment.


A Series of Unfortunate Events (season 3)

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A Series of Unfortunate Events

7 episodes

The orphans Baudelaire, whose parents died in the fire, wander from one relative to another, and they are followed on the heels of the most distant and most insane relatives Olaf – an impoverished aristocrat and eccentric actor who has an obsessive idea to kill children and get a Baudelaire inheritance. Changing the guises, pretending to be an Italian serpentologist, or one-legged sailor, he brutally kills the Baudelaire guardians, thereby clearing his way to inheritance. A horrible tale “A Series of Unfortunate Events” on a multi-part children’s bestseller by Daniel Hendler.


Criminal Minds (season 14)

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15 episodes

The new season of the series “Criminal Minds” will continue the story of a cohesive team of FBI agents of behavioral analysis, which uncovers the crimes of maniacs and serial killers. They are invited to the crime scene if they are suspected of serial killing, when ordinary criminologists are at a dead end. Throughout the series, the main characters change periodically, that is, there is no specific hero and his storyline. Like all normal people, each team has its own “demons” and in turn they deal with them.


Suspiria (2018)

630 views Comments (0)


This is a story about a young American woman who came to Berlin in the late 70s to a dance studio. Surprisingly, lessons are free! At the same time, there was a big competition in the studio, and the girl was incredibly lucky and they took her! But some secret and terrible things going on in her dance school. The action of the movie “Suspiria” develops slowly and this film keeps in suspense its intrigue.


Luther (season 5)

2,739 views Comments (0)


4 episodes

The fifth season of the action-packed British series “Luther” continues to break the stereotype about the classic work of a police inspector. The protagonist is a strong man in body and spirit every day fights against crime and himself. He does not always adhere to the rules, for which some consider him a “dirty” policeman, although in fact he does not violate the law, rather goes against his conscience.