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Getting On (season 3)

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Getting On (season 3) tv show poster

6 episodes

Do you think a nursing home is a boring place? You are mistaken. It has everything – life, tears, love and a lot of reasons to laugh. Each character tries to fight the problems that fell to him, nurses shed excess weight, the old fart and burp, in general, this is a place in which humor can reach the point of absurdity …

Original Title: Getting On
Country, Channel: USA, HBO
Release Date: 2015
Genres: Comedy
Creator: Mark V. Olsen, Will Scheffer, Jo Brand
Cast: Niecy Nash, Laurie Metcalf, Alex Borstein

Runtime: 30 min
Language: English


Episode 1: This Is About Vomit, People (255,07 MB)
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Episode 2: Don’t Let It Get in You or on You (259,01 MB)
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Episode 3: No, I Don’t Want a F***ing Smiley Face (262,58 MB)
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Episode 4: Am I Still Me? (234,7 MB)
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Episode 5: Please Partake of a Memorial Orange (234,7 MB)
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Episode 6: Reduced to Eating Boiled Magazines and Book Paste (283,33 MB)
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