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How to Be a Gentleman (season 1)

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How to Be a Gentleman (season 1) tv show poster9 episodes

A premier of  TV series “How to be a gentleman” will be on CBS on September 29.  This is a comedy about apedantic young man who tries to understand the science of living together with his classmates. David Hornsby will play a major role. By the way, Hornsby also worked on the story “How to be a gentleman”. The new scenario is created by his same name book, which was released earlier.  The role of David in the creation of the show is invaluable on this basis.

Original Title: How to Be a Gentleman
Country, Channel: USA, CBS
Release Date: September 29, 2011
Genres: Comedy
Created by: David Hornsby
Cast:  David Hornsby, John Colton, Tom Ohmer

Runtime: 22 min
Language: English


Episode 1: Pilot (175,0 MB)

Episode 2: How to Have a One-Night Stand (175,0 MB)

Episode 3: How to Attend Your Ex-Fiance’s Wedding (175,1 MB)

Episode 4: How to Share a Relationship (161,8 MB)

Episode 5: How to Be Draft Andrew (170,0 MB)

Episode 6: How to Dip Your Pen in the Company Ink (169,8 MB)

Episode 7: How to Get Along with Your Boss’s New Girlfriend (161,0 MB)

Episode 8: How to Upstage Thanksgiving (178,4 MB)

Episode 9: (169,6 MB)

Trailer of the 1 Season:

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