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In the Flesh (season 2)

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In the Flesh (season 2) tv show poster

6 episodes

In the cauldron of Roarton, where the living and the undead have reached a fragile peace, Kieren is desperately keeping his head down and squirreling money into his ‘escape fund’ for Paris. But in the wider world, fear is in the air. The radical Pro-Living Party, Victus, is gaining government seats with a resulting spate of PDS Terrorism linked to the Undead Liberation Army (ULA). With the arrival of new and explosive characters from both Victus and the ULA, Kieren’s plans are thrown into disarray as both set their sights on him. He’ll find himself caught in the emotional crossfire, making his desire for a quiet life an unrealistic option.

Original Title: In the Flesh
Country, Channel: UK, BBC Three, USA, BBC America
Release Date: May 10, 2014
Genres: Drama, Horror
Creator: Dominic Mitchell
Cast: Luke Newberry as Kieren Walker, Emily Bevan as Amy Dyer, Harriet Cains as Jem Walker, Stephen Thompson as Philip Wilson, Kenneth Cranham as Vicar Oddie, Kevin Sutton as Gary, Steve Cooper as Steve Walker, Marie Critchley as Sue Walker, Sandra Hugget as Shirley Wilson, Gerard Thompson as Dean, Gillian Waugh as Pearl Pinder, Wunmi Mosaku as Maxine Martin, Emmett J Scanlan as Simon

Runtime: 60 min
Language: English


Episode 1: (471,48 MB)

Episode 2: (495,96 MB)

Episode 3: (480,54 MB)

Episode 4: (488,27 MB)

Episode 5: (487,66 MB)

Episode 6: (378,36 MB)


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