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Les Revenants (season 1)

19,662 views Comments (29)

Les Revenants (season 1) tv show poster

8 episodes

It’s a “zombie” series of a new kind. This is a story about dead people coming back to life and trying to find a way to reajust to society, reconnect with their loved ones and the mystery that surrounds their return to the world of the living. They still do not know they are dead for several years, they have not aged and that nobody expected. Determined to regain a place that no longer exists, they gradually discover that they are not the only ghosts and their return is accompanied by increasing disturbances. Camille, a young red-headed teenager, is in a hurry to go back home, in the calm of a small town in the mountains. She’s hungry, and she’s worried : how can she have ended up in the wild so far from home without any recollection of what she was doing there ? Camille died three years ago in a car crash …

Original Title: Les Revenants (aka “Rebound” or “The Returned” for the international market)
Country, Channel: France, Canal +
Release Date: November 26, 2012
Genres: Drama, Fantasy
Creator: Fabrice Gobert
Cast: Yara Pilarts, Anne Consigny, F. Pierrot, Jean-Francois Sivadier, Clotilde Hesme, C?line Sallette, Samir Guesmi, Gr?gory Gadebois, Guillaume Gouix, Pierre Perrier, Ana Girardot, Swann Nambotin, Alix Poisson

Runtime: 52 min
Language: French + Hardcoded Eng Subs


Episode 1: Camille (474,3 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share

Episode 2: Simon (505,2 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share

Episode 3: Julie (399,0 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share

Episode 4: Victor (413,1 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share

Episode 5: Toni (429,3 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share

Episode 6: Lucy (436,9 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share

Episode 7: Ad?le (393,0 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share

Episode 8: La horde (406,6 MB)
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  • Narrative Owl

    Are there subtitles for this series?


    No subtitles. I’ll try to look for subtitles. If someone finds, please, give me a link.

  • Eto87

    thanks so much, i love love love this series!!!

  • Dave Whitton

    I gave a link a couple of weeks ago. for the first episode. I posted it here but its gone? Its working fine on my copy.

  • Dark-knight

    Hey I’m French and I can tell you that there will be a second season two of this TV show :) 

  • Jason2502

    is there going to be English episodes ?


    Will be, but don’t know when.

  • lissafay

    I got subtitles here:

  • Ron Goldstein

    For Episode number 8 there is no subtitles .


    I khow. Episode 8 still without subs.


    ep8 with eng subs – done

  • mrbat

    Episode 4 archive on Asfile is damaged. Can you replace it please?


    Done, all episodes

  • mrbat

    Awesome. Thanks!

  • passing by

    when season 2 is going to air?


    November 2014

  • passing by

    thank you!

  • passing by

    any update for the season 2…?

  • fj098

    do not understand you?

  • passing by

    Do you know when the season 2 of “Les Revenants” is going to air? It was supposed to be on November 2014…

  • fj098

    Moved the release date for 2015

  • Stefan

    can you re-upload episodes 2-8 on keep2share please?

  • fj098


  • Haylscat

    Will you begin adding ‘Les Revenants’ season 2 soon?

  • fj098

    added season 2

  • steve

    Episodes 4-8 are missing on keep2share – please can you fix?

  • fj098


  • Barbara

    Hello, could you add all season 1? It´s been missing. Thank you.

  • RivalNoX

    Hello. What file sharing are you interesting in: Publish2, Keep2share or TezFiles?