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Pretty Little Liars (season 2)

28,271 views Comments (21)

Pretty Little Liars ABC Family poster season 2 2011

25 episodes

Sequel of the adventures of 4 good friends: Aria, Emily, Spenser and Hanna. Lots of secrets are already revealed, however, it’s still unknown who is that mysterious “A”. There is no doubt that in season 2 “A” will be of crucial interest for the girls. (more…)


The Walking Dead (season 2)

28,082 views Comments (39)

The Walking Dead Season 2

13 episodes

Center for Disease Control exploded. All survivors are sent to a Herschel Green’s farm.  Meanwhile, relations in a love triangle Rick Grimes – Lori Grimes – Shane Walsh is heating up to the limit. Relations are especially exacerbated by the fact that Laurie is pregnant. (more…)


Star Wars: The Clone Wars (season 4)

22,275 views Comments (18)

Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 4

22 episodes

Favorite characters: Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Padme Amidala are  at the forefront of an intergalactic war between Good and Evil again. And such villains as Palpatine, Count Dooku and Gen. Grievous are poised to seizure of the galaxy. Grand Army of the Republic, led by Yoda, Mace Windu, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and other Jedi Knights. , fights against the New Droid Army of the Separatists. Stakes are high, and the fate of Universe depends on the Jedi Knights.  (more…)


Californication (season 1)

10,283 views Comments (12)

californication season 1 poster

12 episodes

The talented and once-famous writer Hank Moody is going through a creative crisis. The lack of inspiration, he more than compensates for alcohol, drugs and beautiful women. An appealing directness, a sense of humor and bright charisma attracted to him the heart of Californian beauties. But his heart was busy – he loves his 13-year-old daughter Becca, and still in love in her mom… (more…)


Californication (season 4)

4,371 views Comments (8)

californication season 4 poster

12 episodes

In the previous season, Hank was arrested. The fourth season begins 72 hours after Hank’s arrest. All knew that Hank slept with was not yet an adult Mia. Karen hates Hank, Becca was disappointed in him as a father, and the Hank moved to the hotel. Marcy, after sex with Charlie learns that his vasectomy fails and he can impregnate her. Becca joins the female rock band “Queens of Dogtown.” Karen in finding a new boyfriend, and Hank still has trouble with the law. (more…)


Californication (season 3)

2,908 views Comments (8)

californication season 3 poster

12 episodes

Becca and Hank’s relationship become strained, because Becca grows to puberty. Hank continues to struggle with inability to be a father, when he begins to notice that Becca largely imitates him. This is intertwined with many intrigues with women of all ages, making it difficult relationship with his eternal sweetheart Karen. Hank gets an offer to become a lecturer at the University … (more…)


Californication (season 2)

3,851 views Comments (8)

californication season 2 poster

12 episodes

The couple Hank and Karen seem all getting better and Becca seems happy again. Hank does a vasectomy, and accepts an invitation to a party of Sonja, a woman with whom Hank had slept in the first season. There is a misunderstanding, and because of clashes with the unbearable policeman. Hank goes to prison, where he met with Lew Ashby, an internationally renowned producer. He convinces Hank to write his biography. (more…)


Portlandia (season 2)

2,562 views Comments (4)

portlandia season 2 IFC 2012 poster

10 episodes

Welcome to the “Portlandia”, TV series, which in principle should not exist. As the name implies, it is a parody of manners residents of Portland, Oregon. This is a city with half the population, which in was the center of American bourgeois bohemians recent years. TV show parodies these manners are not too original and sometimes even not very funny, but with a devilish, unprecedented accuracy. (more…)


The Lying Game (season 1)

13,624 views Comments (16)

The Lying Game ABC Family poster season 1 2011

20 episodes

Emma is a good-hearted and well-mannered child who has something to do. She discovered that she has a twin sister, Sutton, which, in contrast to Emma, was raised by wealthy parents and, apparently, lived a perfect life.  Sutton persuaded Emma to pretend her for a few days until she will study the tip-of their biological mother after the first meeting. Initially, Emma was happy to oblige her sister, but then found that Sutton was lost and could be in trouble.  Now Emma  has to decide whether to tell the truth Sutton family and risk their safety, hoping to find out the true location of his sister and the truth about why they were separated. (more…)


Spartacus: Blood and Sand (season 1)

21,361 views Comments (18)

Spartacus Blood and Sand 2010 poster

13 episodes

This series tell us a story of Roman emissary Gaius Claudius Glaber, prominent gladiator. He once was caught by sneaky Thracian tribe as a slave, but later on Quint Batiatus got him for his fighting school. He gave him the nickname “Spartacus”. Soon he conveyed Spartacus on his way to Colosseum, in which deadly battles always were the most attractive performance for the brutal crowd. Gladiator have to battle for his life. Additionally, he doesn’t forget that the merchant have sold his beloved wife Sura.