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Lilyhammer (season 1)

16,428 views Comments (11)

Lilyhammer Netflix season 1 poster

8 episodes

Frank Tagliano testified against his boss, and now, he moved to Lillehammer in the witness protection program. Olympic Games ever held in this small Norwegian town. Frank calls it Lilyhammer. He dreams about paradise with a clean air, snow white and the coolest women, away from the temptations of New York and the mafia. The reality, of course, is not the same as dreams. (more…)


Pan Am (season 1)

11,363 views Comments (15)

Pan Am 1 season

14 episodes

The serial is talking about the pilots and stewardesses who work at a famous air company “Pan Am” in the last century’s 60s. Pan American World Airways, also known as Pan Am, used to be one of the biggest US air companies. It was founded in 1927 as «Pan American Airways» and defuncted in 1991. The main heroine (Christina Ricci) lives a double life: at work she is an exemplary employee, a high class stewardess, but at her free time she takes an active part in life of Greenwich-Village – a part of New York, known as a center of the beat-culture, folk-rock and different kind of antimilitary protests. (more…)


Hustle (season 8)

5,779 views Comments (4)

hustle season 8 2012 poster

6 episodes

This team of professionals. Their work is based on the ability to bluff, play on the weaknesses of the rich and famous people – and take everything without giving anything in return. Brilliant psychologists and skilled actors, they correctly guess the thoughts and actions of people. They tend to think several steps ahead, and if you are looking selfish gains – they  will deceive you masterfully. (more…)


The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret (season 2)

1,724 views Comments (2)

The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret season 2 poster

6 episodes

American Todd Margaret by chance going to the London branch of the company where he works. He has to sell a few thousand Korean energy drinks before his boss comes to verification. The problem is that Todd knows nothing about British culture and about trade. (more…)


Birdsong (season 1)

5,963 views Comments (12)

Birdsong 2012 poster

2 episodes

Since the first publication of the book has been almost 20 years. In 2003, the book ranked 13th on the list of favorite books of the British. Finally, a novel about World War I Sebastian Faulks “Birdsong” moved on the screen. We will see not only the horrors of World War I in trenches and tunnels under the Somme. We also learn a compelling story of love between Stephen Wraysford and Isabelle Azaire. (more…)


Chuck (season 5)

19,409 views Comments (14)

Chuck poster NBC season 5 2011
13 episodes

By a simple guy Chuck who works in an ordinary shopping center, get all the secrets of U.S. intelligence. Now in his head – a supercomputer, and it is – the property of the United States. He continues to live a normal life, but at the same time the government has to perform the task. He is assisted by a CIA agent – a great Sarah Walker, and the NSA agent – “Iron” man John Casey, who, in turn, compete with each other. The vibrant mixture of comedy, thriller and romance – all this “Chuck”. (more…)


Prime Suspect (season 1)

4,625 views Comments (11)

prime suspect 1 season

13 episodes

The film was adopted by the writer Alexandra Canninghem (known for “Desperate Housewives”) and director Peter Berg (“Friday Night Lights”) from the British self-titled TV series. The main character is a tough, strong, unreasonable and quite rude detective Jane Timony played by the Hollywood star Mary Bello. Despite that she is a perfect policeman who always focuses her attention on the prime suspect. The majority in NY police department are men however, Jane is ready to prove her excellence.



Hell on Wheels (season 1)

11,583 views Comments (29)

Hell on Wheels Season 1

10 episodes

Historical western tells about a former slave-owner and Confederate soldiers – Cullen Bohannan. Cullen’s wife was raped and killed by the soldiers of the Union. Cullen takes matters into their own hands and kills those people, after that he turns on the construction of the railway.
The role of Cullen plays Anson Mount. (more…)


Leverage (season 4)

8,559 views Comments (13)

leverage TNT season 4 2011 poster

18 episodes

Nathan Ford team again in the collection and it’s full complement. Alec Hardison, Parker, Sophie Devereaux and Eliot Spencer are working in extraordinary circumstances where the usual legal procedures and laws do not apply. In other words, they continue to rob the wealthy criminals and corrupt businessmen.



Sherlock (season 1, 2)

39,760 views Comments (36)

Sherlock Season 2

3 episodes

Events are unfolding in our times. It is London, 2010. We will see “A Scandal in Bohemia” where the detective is to face adventuress Irene Adler, and also it is planned love line in the second season of  “Sherlock” from the British channel BBC. It will be known to everyone “Hound of the Baskervilles,” which creators of the series want to perform in the manner of Gothichorror films. And finally, it will be presented “The Final Problem Holmes” with a famous duel with Moriarty near Reichenbachfall. (more…)