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Madoff (season 1)

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Madoff (season 1) tv show poster

2 episodes

In 2008, America was at a crossroads. When the stock market was collapsed, people all over the country starts to lose their money. Furious Americans watched as in a few weeks 2.4 trillion of their savings were melted away. The economic downturn has revealed an unprecedented number of financial scams. The biggest swindler Bernard Madioff appeared, he stole $ 65 billion, taking advantage of the largest “Ponzi scheme.”

Original Title: Madoff
Country, Channel: USA, ABC
Release Date: 2016
Genres: Drama
Cast: Richard Dreyfuss, Blythe Danner, Erin Cummings, Frank Whaley, Lewis Black, David Margulies, Charles Grodin, Susan Blommaert, Peter Scolari, Tom Lipinski, Bruce Altman, Michael Rispoli, Lyne Renee, Annie Heise, Liz Larsen

Runtime: 30 min


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Episode 2: (638,78 MB)
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