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Marseille (season 1)

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Marseille (season 1) tv show poster

8 episodes

The main idea of the film is to show people, what corruption and redemption means. Here we can see the people, who wanted to change their lives and they did a lot of things, that help them to reach the aim. The events take place in Marseille, the port city of French. That’s why here you can see a lot of interesting adventures of the main heroes. The end of the story is really unusual, so you must watch it.

Original Title: Marseille
Country, Channel: France, Netflix
Release Date: 2016
Genres: Drama
Creator: Dan Franck
Cast: Garard Depardieu, Benoat Magimel, Garaldine Pailhas, Nadia Faras, Staphane Caillard, Guillaume Arnault, Carolina Jurczak, Nassim Si Ahmed, Eric Savin, Hedi Bouchenafa, Daniel Njo Loba, Pascal Elso, Dave Mallow, Kyle McCarley, Cristina Valenzuela, Jean-Rena Privat, Hippolyte Girardot, Lionel Erdogan, Abdou Ali, Manssour Abdou, Maruschka Detmers, Sarah Brooks, Nozha Khouadra, Valarie Leboutte, Odile Picard, Laurent Moreau, Franaois Pouron, Quentin Baillot, Martin Kamoun, Alexandra Galdon, Rami Pedevilla, Christian Mazucchini

Runtime: 41 min
Language: French


Episode 1: (320,70 MB)
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Episode 2: (287,86 MB)
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Episode 3: (210,6 MB)
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Episode 4: (267,03 MB)
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Episode 5: (294,91 MB)
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Episode 6: (257,8 MB)
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Episode 7: (273,9 MB)
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Episode 8: (255,39 MB)
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  • lilly

    Is it possible to upload marseille with english subtitles please? Thank you!

  • fj098

    I’m sorry, I searched, but found nothing of the sort (if you will fall, I would add

  • Rocky


    Is it possible to re-upload this series please?



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    Hello. What file sharing are you interesting in: Publish2, Keep2share or TezFiles?