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Men At Work (season 2)

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Men At Work (season 2) tv show poster

10 episodes

The series centers on four buddies who work together at a magazine and form a modern day band of brothers as they navigate work politics, life and love in New York City. Milo, a bearded writer for the magazine who is still getting back into the dating game after dealing with being dumped early in season one. Gibbs, a photographer and successful ladies man. Tyler, a features writer who brings a dose of style and sophistication to the group. Neal, a somewhat nerdy ad salesman and the only one in the group with a steady girlfriend.

Original Title: Men At Work
Country, Channel: USA, TBS
Release Date: April 4, 2013
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Creator: Breckin Meyer
Cast: Danny Masterson, Michael Cassidy, Adam Busch, James Lesure, Meredith Hagner, Peri Gilpin, Seth Green, J.K. Simmons, Jason Lee, Marsha Thomason, Ben McKenzie

Runtime: 30 min
Language: English


Episode 1: Missed Connections (168,6 MB)

Episode 2: Will Work for Milo (168,5 MB)

Episode 3: The New Boss (168,8 MB)

Episode 4: Downshift (168,7 MB)

Episode 5: The Good, the Bad & the Milo (173,6 MB)

Episode 6: Tyler the Pioneer (173,26 MB)

Episode 7: Uncle Gibbs (168,17 MB)

Episode 8: The Gibbs-orcism (176,22 MB)

Episode 9: Long Distance Tyler (173,52 MB)

Episode 10: Weekend at PJ’s (174,8 MB)


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  • Mehrdad

    Thanks a lot and please upload season 1