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Necessary Roughness (season 2)

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Necessary Roughness (season 2) tv show poster

16 episodes

Therapist’s personal life with the Long Island falls apart when she discovers that her husband was cheating on her. To somehow distracted, Dr. Danny Santino with his head immersed in work and soon became the most popular therapist in a very well-known personalities. Among her clients – athletes, artists, politicians and other people living in the spotlight. All of them believe that only her unique method of therapy to help them in hard moments of crisis. And now, quarry has become a serious impediment in her family relationships, because it is so hard – to be a single mother of two teenage children.

Original Title: Necessary Roughness
Country, Channel: USA, USA
Release Date: June 6, 2012
Genres: Drama
Creators: Elizabeth Kruger, Craig Shapiro
Cast: Callie Thorne, Hannah Marks, Patrick Johnson, Marc Blucas, Mehcad Brooks, Liz Vassey

Runtime: 60 min
Language: English


Episode 1: Shrink or Swim (339,8 MB)

Episode 2: To Swerve and Protect (347,4 MB)

Episode 3: Wide Deceiver (339,5 MB)

Episode 4: Slumpbuster (339,5 MB)

Episode 5: Mr. Irrelevant (349,3 MB)

Episode 6: What’s Eating You? (338,9 MB)

Episode 7: Spell It Out (339,4 MB)
Uploaded |

Episode 8: A Load of Bull (331,4 MB)
Uploaded |

Episode 9: Might as Well Face It (337,0 MB)
Uploaded |

Episode 10: Double Fault (336,7 MB)
Uploaded |

Episode 11: All the King’s Horses (299,4 MB)
Uploaded |

Episode 12: Frozen Fish Sticks (344,9 MB)
Uploaded |

Episode 13: Hits and Myths (338,9 MB)
Uploaded |

Episode 14: The Fall Guy (347,6 MB)
Uploaded |

Episode 15: Regret Me Not (347,6 MB)
Uploaded |

Episode 16: There’s the Door (330,8 MB)
Uploaded |


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  • lajulie

    Hello! Great website thank you! Any change season 2 can be loaded again on asfile prior to season 3 season starting? Files seemed to have expired for first few episodes of the season.