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NYC 22 (season 1)

1,795 views Comments (12)

NYC 22 (season 1) tv show poster

13 episodes

It’s the story of six recruits in New York City Police, which patrolling the streets of upper Manhattan. Among the new interns Jennifer “White House” Perry, a former star college volleyball team and a Marine in Iraq; Ray “Lazarus” Harper – the oldest rookie and former police reporter with the best sources of information than most hardened police; Tonya Sanchez, who is from a family with a criminal history; Ahmad “Kiterunner” Khan, an Afghan native who has chosen his path to freedom; Kenny McLaren, a policeman in the fourth generation with great instincts, but with the inability to correct the use of force, and Jayson “Jackpot” Toney, a young basketball legend who has lost his chance in the NBA. They have a demanding chief. Officer Daniel “Yoda” Dean – insensitive, unsentimental veteran of the Army, which teaches the basics and thinks every police officer responsible for their actions. The culmination of the team is Sgt. Terry Howard – an officer in plain clothes, who teaches recruits how to keep gangs at bay. Beginners have to admit the portion of error, finding out how they should talk with their boss and with the people, which they were sworn to protect …

Original Title: NYC 22
Country, Channel: USA, CBS
Release Date: April 15, 2012
Genres: Drama
Created by: James Mangold
Cast: Adam Goldberg, Leelee Sobieski, Terry Kinney, Judy Marte, Tom Reed, Stark Sands, Felix Solis, Christian Frazier, Harold House Moore

Runtime: 60 min
Language: English


Episode 1: Pilot (338,7 MB)

Episode 2: Firebomb (350,4 MB)

Episode 3: Thugs and Lovers (349,3 MB)

Episode 4: Lost and Found (347,3 MB)

Episode 5: Self Cleaning Oven (348,6 MB)

Episode 6: Crossing the Rubicon (347,8 MB)

Episode 7: Block Party (351,1 MB)

Episode 8: Schooled (349,4 MB)

Episode 9: Playing God (330,6 MB)

Episode 10: Jumpers (330,7 MB)

Episode 11: Ransom (320,8 MB)

Episode 12: Samaritans (336,2 MB)

Episode 13: Turf War (328,7 MB)


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  • Caz Moren

    Hi, I have a message file deleted from episode 3 onwards – could you kindly reload. Many thanks

  • Caz Moren

    I am unable to download from episode 3 onwards as it says files are deleted – could you please reload episodes 3-13. Many thanks

  • master_web


  • Caz Moren

    Great, thank you very much

  • MuratBaykurt

    All the uploaded files are broken. Can you fix please


    Done, all episodes reuploaded

  • MuratBaykurt

    Many thanks !!!

  • MuratBaykurt

    Hi again. No problem with the download links but some of the rars are broken.


    what kind of broken links?

  • MuratBaykurt

    Hi again,

    Episode 4: Corrupt file
    Episode 6: Corrupt file
    Episode 7: Corrupt file
    Episode 13: Corrupt file

    No problem with the others.


    Done, try again

  • MuratBaykurt

    All good! Thanks so much!