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Animal Practice (season 1)

4,352 views Comments (3)

Animal Practice season 1 NBC poster 2012

9 episodes

TV series “Animal Practice” is about the vet (Justin Kirk), who loves animals, but hardly tolerate their respective owners. More …


Ray Donovan (season 1)

20,253 views Comments (65)

ray donovan Showtime season 2013 poster

12 episodes

RAY DONOVAN takes a novelistic look at contemporary Los Angeles. A richly textured family drama, the series centers on Ray as L.A.’s best professional “trouble shooter.” He’s the one called in to solve the complicated, confidential and controversial problems of the city’s elite. He can make anyone’s problems disappear…except the ones he can’t escape created by his own damaged Boston “Southie” family. More …


Dexter (season 8)

36,584 views Comments (75)

Dexter Showtime season 8 2013 poster

12 episodes

The main character of the film is rather unusual man, who works as a forensic medical expert, and at the same time is a ruthless killer that knows no boundaries. Dexter does not harm innocent people, he only punishes criminals. The boy’s father worked as a policeman, and how to cover his tracks, Dexter knows. The guy knows how to punish criminals. Every day he helps the police investigate the most complex cases, which the authorities are not under force. No one knows that Dexter is the person who mends justice. With their skills and tricks guy easily finds the bandits and deal with them, covering his tracks. Once Dexter is confronted with a dangerous criminal, which is not so easy to catch.
More …


Devious Maids (season 1)

32,790 views Comments (16)

Devious Maids season 1 2013 Lifetime poster

13 episodes

The plot is built around five ambitious maids (Genevieve, Marisol, Rosie, Carmen and Zoila) who work for the rich and famous in Beverly Hills. They are very eager for a better life. They are ready for everything to start a rich and successful life in America. But the world of rich and famous people don’t always look like a fairy tale. Around them are lies, betrayal, dirty secrets, and even murder… More …


Copper (season 2)

6,717 views Comments (16)

copper BBC America season 2 poster 2013

13 episodes

Detective Kevin Corcoran seriously shaken by the truth about his wife and child, as well as the betrayal of a best friend. But he is trying to find a place in the city and see the difference between good and evil. Welcome back to Five Points. There are no city limits. More …


Hot in Cleveland (season 4)

3,791 views Comments (6)

Hot In Cleveland TV Land poster season 4 2012

24 episodes

In the fourth season will be a lot of new situations, which get a girlfriend. The series will delight the audience with new jokes that will make laugh to tears. A baby enters the women’s lives; a super-vixen offers Melanie a job; Elka gets the upper-hand with her boyfriend. More …


Under the Dome (season 1)

35,230 views Comments (83)

Under The Dome CBS poster season 1 2013

13 episodes

The series based on the novel by Stephen King. Ordinary autumn afternoon, the city Chester’s Mill, Maine, was suddenly cut off from the rest of the world invisible force barrier. Planes crash into the dome and fall down, the gardener cuts off his hand by force field, people who moved to a nearby town on business, can not return to their loved ones, vehicles explode from a collision with a dome. No one understands what this barrier, where it came from and whether it will disappear. More …


Siberia (season 1)

6,683 views Comments (5)

Siberia season 1 2013 NBC poster

11 episodes

Filmed in the style of “Blair Witch Project”, project will talk about the 16 participants in a mysterious reality show, which had to fight for victory in the Siberian forests and at the crash site of the Tunguska meteorite. But, soon after landing, when the organizers of the show did not come to the aid, everyone understands that the event went far beyond the entertainment show. And now a group of former rivals must unite to survive in a place full of mysterious phenomena. More …


The Newsroom (season 2)

19,563 views Comments (30)

The Newsroom HBO season 2 2013 poster

9 episodes

In the second series we will see a continuation of the stories of the lives of employees cable news channel. As before, in the life of journalists and producers, there is not only work, but also a romantic relationship. The new season will be the development of several scenes. Will McAvoy explores the American Taliban. Sloan Sabbith is involved in a scandal with nude photos. Jim Harper takes part in the election campaign … More …


Downton Abbey (season 2)

5,325 views Comments (17)

Downton Abbey ITV season 2 2011 poster

8 episodes + Christmas Special

The series comprised 8 episodes, running from the Battle of the Somme in 1916 to the 1918 flu pandemic. Crawley, Barrow, and Mason go off to fight in the war; Branson, an Irishman, refuses to fight for the British. Lady Crawley defies her aristocratic position and joins the Voluntary Aid Detachment. At the end of the series she leaves Downton Abbey for Dublin to marry Branson who is now a journalist and on the road to becoming a political activist. Dockery, Maggie Smith, Coyle, James-Collier, Stevens, McGovern, Bonneville, Brown Findlay, Carmichael, Froggatt, Logan and Leech all returned and MacAninch, Glen, Nuttall, Boyle and Doyle Kennedy joined the cast as the new valet Lang, Sir Carlisle, the new housemaid Ethel, Miss Lavinia Swire and Bates’ wife Vera respectively. More …