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Hot in Cleveland (season 3)

2,975 views Comments (7)

Hot in Cleveland TV land Season 3 2011 poster

24 episodes

A divorced writer, a former soap opera star and an English stylist – three eccentric best friends on the way from Los Angeles to Paris, make an emergency landing in Cleveland, where the locals take them for heavenly beauties. Friends decide not to return to Los Angeles where they are no longer useful and stay in the city, where they enjoyed a huge success. More …


The Walking Dead (season 1)

23,633 views Comments (13)

The Walking Dead AMC season 1 2010 poster

6 episodes

The TV show is an adaptation of the eponymous comic book series, which began publication in 2003. Sheriff Rick Grimes wakes up in hospital. He does not remember anything, but there are no people around. Inhuman zombies are roaming the streets and eating every living thing in it’s path. Rick goes in search of his wife Lori and son Carl … More …


Game of Thrones (season 2)

147,050 views Comments (165)

Game of Thrones 2012 poster

10 episodes

TV series Game of  Thrones filmed by HBO for the same book in the series “The Song of ice and fire” by George RR Martin. The plot is not intricate.  Peaceful and tranquil life nearing the end.  Plot is brewing in the Seven Kingdoms. King is looking for support from an old friend and comrade Eddarda Stark. Although the plots and intrigues in the minds of most people  a place of honor and nobility is in this world. Meanwhile, when the leaders of the kingdom busy fighting for the throne, no one notices awakening of an ancient evil.  The wall and the ancient order of the Brotherhood of the Night Watch  protects from it. More …


Magic City (season 1)

7,533 views Comments (9)

Magic City Starz poster season 1 2012

8 episodes

The TV series about Miami Beach’s most luxurious dream palace of those times – the Miramar Hotel. Frank Sinatra comes to celebrating New Year is here. Ike Evans – Managing Director Hotel. He has to solve problems like the mafia, and with his own family, not distinguished by good behavior. Hotel Miramar has both light and dark sides: in the afternoon – a place for performances of clowns, and floats for doing the cha-cha-cha, and at night it becomes a haven for gangsters, the FBI, addicts, drug dealers, strippers, gathering together in order to enjoy great entertainment show that offers a program of the hotel. At the same time, only 320 kilometers from the coast of Miami deployed no less dramatic events: the Comandante Fidel Castro seizes power in Cuba … More …


Hatfields & McCoys 2012

3,160 views Comments (10)

Hatfields and McCoys 2012 poster

3 episodes

The action of TV show revolves around the opposition of two families – Hatfields and McCoys, who lived on the border of Kentucky and West Virginia. In the period from 1878 to 1891 years, this enmity, consisting of a series of reciprocal murders, raids and arson, killed more than 10 members of both families. More …


Cougar Town (season 3)

6,162 views Comments (20)

Cougar Town season 3 poster

15 episodes

The TV series “Cougar Town” is about the recently divorced 40-year old Jules Cobb and her teenage son Travis. They live in a small town in Florida. This city can be described in one word – Cougars. This is the name of a popular football team the local school, and … a considerable amount of divorced middle-aged women looking for younger guys to brighten up their leisure time. Jules does not want to be like them, but what she can think about is how to find a young guy for good sex. More …


Revenge (season 1)

69,158 views Comments (50)

Revenge 1 season

22 episodes

This is the story of a young girl who goes back to Hampton after many years in order to revenge on the people who ruined her family. Ironically, a forgotten beauty Madeline Stow plays again in the project called “Revenge”, as in the movie with Kevin Costner which made her famous. Now she is the evil that the main heroine must kill. In the past, some group of people committed a crime over the girl’s family and now she follows the footprints of the offenders of hers and getting rid of them one by one. More …


Modern Family (season 3)

17,181 views Comments (19)

Modern Family season 3 poster

24 episodes

Terrific comedy series, which captivates not so much humor, much kindness and high moral values, which carries and promotes the picture. We have three families. More precisely, this is one big family, which is divided into three generations, from grandparents to grandchildren. All families are extraordinary and unusual. The first family – it’s an unequal marriage age. The second family – a gay marriage. The third family – it’s large family. In each family, each person is extraordinary, self-sufficient and distinctive so that even within families, their interaction generates breathtaking passion and conflict. Needless to say, that when interacting with each other family, this effect is enhanced significantly. More …


Don’t Trust the B— in Apartment 23 (season 1)

9,848 views Comments (6)

Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 Season 1 2012

This TV series is about the lives of two very different young women, who are roommates in New York. Chloe is a party girl, which always creates a lot of problems and June is a quiet, naive provincial. More …


Awake (season 1)

6,011 views Comments (18)

Awake season 1 2012 poster

13 episodes

Detective Michael Britten comes to mind after the car accident involving his wife Hannah and son Racks. He is informed that his wife died but his son survived. As Michael wakes up the next morning, he realizes that the facts are all reversed. So, in order to protect his family, he has to live in two different realities with different colleagues at work and different problems in his life. More …