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Emily Owens, M.D. (season 1)

5,312 views Comments (22)

Emily Owens MD the CW season 1 poster 2012

13 episodes

After graduating from medical school Emily Owens took a internship at Denver Memorial Hospital.Her mentor was the world-renowned cardiologist Dr. Gina Beckett. Also in this hospital had a chance to intern Will Rider – med-school Emily’s love and the gorgeous, popular Cassandra Kopelson – the main Emily’s enemy of the high school. It seems that the competition between the girls starts like in high school. Only now, given that they are surgical interns – from their coordinated work depend on people’s lives … More …


BRIGADA (season 1)

2,985 views Comments (3)

brigada 2012 poster

15 episodes

Brigada is a group of four friends: Sasha Bely, Kosmos, Pchela, Fil, who grew up together and formed a most powerful gang in Moscow. Initially they made business together, but an unplanned murder transformed them into a gang. Now their lives are at risk and there is no way back. Russian cult TV Show! IMDB rating 8.5/10. Recommend for watching! More …


30 Rock (season 7)

3,690 views Comments (3)

30 Rock season 7 2012

13 episodes

In the new season, Jack develops an unusual business strategy for NBC while Liz copes with the challenges of being Jenna’s maid og honor. When “TGS” returns from hiatus, Liz is alarmed by Jack’s shockingly bad fall programming line-up. Meanwhile, Jenna prepares to be the ultimate bridezilla, enlisting a reluctant Liz to be her maid of honor, and Kenneth and Hazel invite Tracy to a dinner party. More …


TRON: Uprising (season 1)

7,493 views Comments (9)

tron uprising disney hd 2012 poster

19 episodes

The action will unfold between the events of the original film 1982 and the film “TRON: Legacy” 2010. Main character – a young computer software Beck (voiced by Elijah Wood) leads a revolt against Clu, who seized power in the system and his henchman General Tesler (voiced by Lance Henriksen). TRON (voiced by Bruce Boxleitner) is the greatest hero of all time. He is Beck’s coach. Soon Beck becomes the new defender of the system and the main enemy of Tesler and his troops. More …


Last Resort (season 1)

34,406 views Comments (23)

Last Resort ABC season 1 2012 poster

13 episodes

At a depth of 500 feet below the ocean surface, an American nuclear submarine, “Colorado” is ordered by radio intended for use only in the event that their homeland is under threat of destruction. They were ordered to launch a nuclear strike on Pakistan. Captain Marcus Chaplin requires confirmation of the order in the hope that the White House to remove him from duties. Executive Officer Sam Kendall suddenly becomes responsible for the submarine and is faced with the fact that he needs to take a tough decision. When he refuses to shoot without confirmation of the order, the submarine is an attacked, and it gets a hole. “Colorado” and it’s crew are on the ocean floor, recognized by the enemies of the country. And at this moment, when closed all the way back, Chaplin and Kendall decide to get to the island. Here they will find refuge and a chance for new life, even when they try to clear their names and return home. More …


American Horror Story (season 2)

20,612 views Comments (32)

American Horror Story Asylum FX 2012 poster

13 episodes

This is a psychological thriller. This series is about a family of Harmon, which moved from Boston to Los Angeles in search of a better life. FX has announced the extension of the second season of the drama of American Horror Story, which are the creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Felchak.  More …


Private Practice (season 6)

4,661 views Comments (8)

Private Practice ABC season 6 2012 poster

13 episodes

In the fifth season, Pete was sent to jail after mercifully killing one of his patients and later freed on bail. Season six picks up with his trial — with the good doc seemingly on the lam as his attorney reveals that Pete never showed up at her office and isn’t responding to calls to his cell or his home with Violet. Addison makes her decision between Jake and Sam and settles into her promising romance. Pete doesn’t show up for his preliminary hearing, leaving Violet to fear the worst. Charlotte receives some unsettling news. Amelia’s been sober for a year now and Sheldon lights up a romance with his ex-wife. More …


Parenthood (season 4)

3,843 views Comments (19)

parenthood NBC season 4 2012

15 episodes

The Braverman family gathers for a family portrait before Haddie departs for college, while Kristina, Adam and Max have a hard time digesting the new change. Meanwhile, Julia and Joel struggle to adjust to their newly adopted son’s behavior and worry about their family’s future. Newlyweds Jasmine and Crosby disagree on the spiritual beliefs they should teach Jabbar. Mark proves his commitment to Sarah by altering a Braverman tradition, while she attempts to prove her worth as an assistant to photographer Hank Rizzoli. Also, Amber navigates a new job at The Luncheonette. More …


Wedding Band (season 1)

2,289 views Comments (7)

wedding band tbs season 1 2012 poster

10 episodes

The story of one man’s group, whose members, in order to escape from the daily routine, start to perform live at various festivals. They have known each other for a long time and are considered the best of friends, despite the absolutely polar vital interests – one incorrigible, inveterate bachelor, and the other friend, on the contrary, an example, a loving husband and father of two children. They are together, and they may stop at nothing to promote a common cause – to make any holiday unforgettable … More …


Fringe (season 5)

32,432 views Comments (20)

Fringe FOX final season poster 2012

13 episodes

This TV drama  about a woman FBI agent who is forced to work with staff scientists to investigate unexplained phenomena. The fifth and final season picks up from the ominous events of last season’s “Letters of Transit” episode, in which the year is 2036 and the overpowering Observers rule. The Fringe team – preserved in amber for 20 years – is now a rebel resistance team fighting for freedom. Peter, reunited with his now adult daughter, Etta, sets out to find out what happened to his wife and Etta’s mom – Olivia – as they start their mission to save the world from the Observers. More …